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New Bio Field

Posted on Mon Jan 16th, 2017 @ 9:14am by Vice Admiral Chris Barks

So I added a new bio tab. It's called Qualifications. There are two sections to that tab, Certifications and Skils. The Certifications section is for your certifications that will help with ship operations. And the Skills is more for you personal skills.

The Certifications are broke into three categories, Ship, Science, and Combat. Ship Certifications are for Command, Flight Control, Operations, Strategic Ops, Engineering, Intelligence. Science is for Medical, Science, Counseling, and Forensic Science. Combat is for Security/Tactical, SWAT, and any Combat Training that you have.

For these there is a specific way that I want them on there so that they are all the same. There are Basic and Advanced Certifications. And there are 3 levels to each Certification. For example, one of mine is Advanced Tactical Operations Level 2. That is how you would put it in. The highest Basic is Level 3 and the highest Advanced is Level 3.

If you are a Department Head then you are required to be at least Advanced Level 2 of your departments certification. If you are Lt Commander or higher you are required to be a minimum Advanced Level 3 in your departments certification.

Here are the department certifications. (Without the level and type of certification):
Command Certification(must speak to CO or be a CO, XO, 2XO, or Command Officer)
Flight Operations
Strategic Operations
Ship Operations (Operations Department)
Starship Engineering
Tactical Systems
Security Operations
Medical(Degree or Field Medic Certification)
Counseling Degree
Science (Degree or Scientific Operations)
Intelligence Operative

I am not going to put any limitations on what your character can have, but please have it somewhat realistic. If you need help deciding what to have look at my bio. I have a wide variety of Certifications. I do ask that you don't only have Advanced Certifications.

Now your personal skills are for what your character can do. Speak many languages, play an instrument, yoga instructor, martial arts master.

I would like to see everyone have their Certifications in there before the end of the week, but if you don't then that is fine. Just as soon as you can. Also NPCs are not required to have them, but ALL PCs are required to have them.

In Character a person with Advanced Level 2 and above can train someone in that certification up to their level.

If you have any questions please let me know, I have some on Barks' bio, but I am going to be editing that. But you can get the idea from there.

Thanks guys!

Your CO!


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