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Marine NPC's

Posted on Sun May 29th, 2016 @ 4:02pm by Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch

Hey All,

I'd like to fill out the Marine department a little bit. I could make my own NPC's to do that, however, that's not as much fun. So, after talking to CDRE Barks I'd like to find out if anyone would like to set up an NPC in the Marine department. What I'd like to get is:

1LT, Platoon Leader
SGTS X2, Platoon Sergeants/Squad Leaders

We have 2 NPC's already, CAPT Belar, one of the company medics, played by Gael and SGTMAJ Griffin, the company command sergeant major, played by Barks. If you're interested let the command team know :).


MAJ Mike "Misfit" Hatch
Marine Company Commander/2O


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Category: General News