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Captain Jamie T. Kirk

Name Jamie T. Teresa Kirk

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 135lbs.
Hair Color brunette
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Has the muscular, lithe build of an athlete. Doesn’t slouch while standing or walking, but has been known to slide down in her chair for comfort.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father John
Mother Terri
Brother(s) Sam (older), Jack (younger, deceased)
Sister(s) Michelle (older)
Other Family Scattered throughout the Federation.

NOTE: Kirk is NOT related to the late, great Capt. Kirk

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cocky, intolerant and smug, Kirk is also brave to a fault, instructive, and unfailingly cheerful. She’s quick with a joke or wisecrack, even in the face of extreme danger. Kirk has a good heart, and a nagging conscience that always forces her to do the right thing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Growing up in a Starfleet family, she has come to know how to pilot small craft. She tends to get a little pushy when he feels she's needed on an away team, and they say no. Kirk is usually smart, fast and cautious where her own skin is concerned. Is proficient in the use of energy weapons and slugthrowers.
Ambitions To be the most noted officer in Starfleet, like her namesake, and to one day command her own ship.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, playing guitar and singing, and all kinds of athletics, from racketball to mountain climbing. She loves a good cigar on occasion with a pint of Guinness. Has studied Jeet Kun Do all her life (Bruce Lee’s martial art style).


Ship Certifications Intel Infiltrator trained, as well as a year long Command Division course and an Engineering course. Qualified as a small craft pilot due to her Starfleet family upbringing.
Science Certifications Understands the basics of a few disciplines; physics, astrophysics, etc. Her eidetic memory affords her the opportunity to learn quickly and retain what she experiences.
Combat Certifications Has studied Jeet Kun Do since she was 6 yrs old, and quite a proficient martial artist.

Qualified in all particle weapons and furthered this with her Intel training, being turned into a soldier.

Personal Skills

Skills Small craft piloting

Languages: fed standard, Vulcan (all dialects), Romulan (all dialects), Cardassian, Ferengi

Eidetic memory: is an ability to vividly recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for a brief time after exposure, without using a mnemonic device. Although the terms eidetic memory and photographic memory are popularly used interchangeably, they are also distinguished, with eidetic memory referring to the ability to view memories like photographs for a few minutes, and photographic memory referring to the ability to recall pages of text or numbers, or similar, in great detail. When the concepts are distinguished, eidetic memory is reported to occur in a small number of children and as something generally not found in adults, while true photographic memory has never been demonstrated to exist.

Eidetic imagery is the ability to remember an image in so much detail, clarity, and accuracy that it is as though the image were still being perceived.

Scholar Annette Kujawski Taylor stated, "In eidetic memory, a person has an almost faithful mental image snapshot or photograph of an event in their memory. However, eidetic memory is not limited to visual aspects of memory and includes auditory memories as well as various sensory aspects across a range of stimuli associated with a visual image."

Personal History Joined the academy at 16, due to her eidetic memory. Excelled at Intel and engineering, and ended up staying an extra two years for command training, and an Engineering course. Thus, spent 6 years in school compared to other cadets who only did 4.

Jamie's mother and father are both career Starfleet, as are her siblings. John had expected another son, being one who wanted the sex of his baby to be a surprise when born, and when he got a Beautiful daughter he was thrilled. The name James Thomas Kirk, meant for the expected son, was changed to Jamie Teresa Kirk. John and Terri both had always viewed James Tiberius Kirk as the best Captain in Starfleet history, so had decided to name one child in a similar fashion. Hence, Jamie T. Kirk entered the galaxy.