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Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Name Antos Hastings

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 72

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 220 lb
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Tall and lithe. Has the pointed ears of his Vulcan side, usually hiding in his mop of hair.. Internals of a Vulcan but red blood. Thin goatee. Choses to go by just his first name, like his Vulcan side for military purposes.


Father not on record
Mother Victoria Hastings
Brother(s) 1/2 Brother William
Sister(s) 1/2 Sister Wynona
Other Family multiple

Personality & Traits

General Overview NOT what people expect. Instead of the reserved, stoic personality of an obvious Vulcanoid, he Speaks with an English accent. For the most part jolly and has a typical dry sense of humor of a Brit. Intelligent. A classic Gentleman, quick to stand up for others. Task master.
Strengths & Weaknesses Most of the race bonus from his Vulcanoid side. Will put himself in danger to help another.
Ambitions To explore and try to do his job in a way that makes it feel like being on Holiday.
Hobbies & Interests games of chance

fine dinning

polo. equestrian contests


wine expert

Mother's family produces it's own brand of Port


Ship Certifications Security, Level 1

Engineering, Level 4

Command, Level 2

Piloting, Level 2

Instruction, Level 3
Science Certifications Astronomics


Warp theory

General Science Level 3
Combat Certifications qualified Expert- Hand to Hand

Qualified pistol/rifle

field medicine Level 1

Personal Skills

Skills artist, wine expert, descent voice.

Personal History The story told is that his mother, a Federation Diplomat, had a good friend that was going through Pon-Far and she was helping him. The meditation excited his mother and they decided to solve the problem the way nature intended. Before they could discuss what was next, he was killed in a shuttle accident. His mother never made a claim against his family, leaving him as 'unknown'.

He was raised in a proper English home of good standing. Along with all being a 'Lord' involved, he also researched his Vulcan side. Not knowing the family, he researched Vulcans in general. He learned Vulcan on his own (with a little help from mom) the also Learned Romulan( On the insistence of his mother. They were similar and it was a good thing to know.

He applied for an 'exchange' program in his early 30's, spending a few years at the Vulcan academy. Wanting to follow in the foot steps of his new hero, Ambassador Spock, He then went to the Star Fleet Academy.

At SFA, he took every class he could, finishing with a double security/engineering certification. He then took a position at the academy( Again, following his hero.), teaching warp theory to 1st and 2nd year students, as civil service. During this time, he also took more courses, earning piloting and Command level 2. His rotation at the Academy finished, he was given Lt. J.G. and sent to the Eclipse.

* Unknown to him, his father was actually a Romulan. The genetics crossed with human produced scans on par with a 1/2 Vulcan.
Service Record 12 years, Vulcan Science Academy- BS Biology, BS Astronomic Physics, MS Astronomic Theory

4years, SFA-Sec./Eng cert.

20 years associate instructor, SFA

Assigned to the U.S.S. Eclipse