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Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch

Name Mike Hatch

Position Regiment CO

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 200
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Muscular, keeps short stubble for his beard, tattoo of a wolf on his chest and dagger with wings on his arm with Japanese writing around it standing for strength, honor, honesty and integrity.


Father John
Mother Mona

Personality & Traits


Ship Certifications
  • Bridge Officers Course
  • Tactical Officer Level 4
  • Starship Command
  • Small Craft Helm Rating Level 6
Science Certifications
  • Psychological Operations
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Combat Medic
Combat Certifications

Advanced Starfleet Tactical Training Certification

Space Combat EVA Certification

Starfleet Marine Special Operator Certification

Phaser and Phaser Rifle MAarksman

  • Advanced Linguist Course (ALC)
  • Advanced Sniper Course (MASC)
  • Close Quarters Battle Level II (MCQBL2)
  • Marine Technical Surveillance Course (MTSC)
  • Dynamic Entry Level II Course (MDEL2)
  • Tactical Acquisition Exploitation (SR level II)
  • Hostile Forces Tagging Tracking Location (HFTTL)
  • Advanced Runabout/Small Craft Piloting (ARSCP)
  • Advanced EOD
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operator
  • Advanced planetary warfare
  • Advanced EVA Skills
  • Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape (SERE)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
  • Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training (SFATT)

Personal Skills


Marine Martial Arts - Blackbelt, Instructor Qualified

Mixed Martial Arts - Jui-Jitsu/Muay Thai - 1st Degree Blackbelt

  • Due to Marauder training can speak most primary core Quadrant languages

Personal History Hatch was born into a military family with both his parents being Marines on bored Starbase 262. His mother worked as an attached intelligence office while his father commanded the Battalion. As he grew up the strictness of his parents caused him to start to rebel. By the time he was 20 Hatch had been the subject of many investigations from drug trafficing to arms smuggling and dealing, though nothing ever stuck.

Finally, on his 21st birthday parents turned him in for a series of thefts occurring on the station. It was a minimal sentence but caused Hatch to rethink his direction in life. After spending 6 months in the stations brig he applied to the University of Betazed to start a degree in Psychology, majoring in criminal behavior and forensic psychology.

After his graduation Starfleet approached him and offered him a position in Starfleet Security. After some consideration he decided not to take the position, however, he did join as a Marine, wanting to follow in his families footsteps. Mike enlisted in the officer candidate program after boot camp. While there he majored in psychological warfare.

Hatch's first assignment was Marine Base Durango in the deep Delta Quadrant where he was attached to a psychological assessment unit. He assisted the counselors in screening patients as well as diagnosing PTSD and other battlefield psychological issues. The assignment was one he enjoyed, loving the opportunity to assist his fellow Marines in a capacity other than just combat. While there the Starfleet Counselors helped him publish papers on combat stress as well as several about new species encountered.

While Mike enjoyed his work he started feeling like he wanted to be part of the exploration more directly. So, after his promotion to 1st Lieutenant he requested a transfer to lead a detachment aboard a ship. His request was accepted and he was assigned to the USS Eclipse.

Once assigned to the Eclipse Hatch proved himself quickly. Along with his normal duties, he also instituted a more integrated Marine, cross training with both security and strat ops. He also conducted training sessions open to the crew in hopes of promoting understanding about the Marines with the fleet regulars and also a comradere most Marines only experience with each other due to being in combat. It was during one such training session he met Nikki Redex, one of the medical staff that had opted to go through the training. The two did not seem to hit it off, looking to others like they were going to start firing on each other in their first meeting.

Mike, however, found it a nice change that someone told him where to go, even if he didn't agree with their opinion. Eventually, he got her to sit for dinner with him. The two found common ground and started hitting it off. Meanwhile, word came that Hatch was being offered a seat as the ships second officer. Things seemed to be going better than he could have imagined.

However, as happens, a wrinkle was thrown into things. Marine command sent word that a seat he'd applied for with the elite Marauders special operations regiment training had opened. He had forgotten about it in the nearly 2 years since he'd applied and now was being required to leave immediately. With what it meant for him and what it could mean for his career he made the hard choice to leave. Hatch had just enough time to send Redex a note, but then he left before knowing if she got it.

Over the next year and a half he was pushed far beyond his limits. The Marauders trained for every eventuality and type of battlefield, even training with Starfleet's Advanced Tactical School. He trained for:

  • Direct action
  • Special reconnaissance
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Foreign internal defense
  • Unconventional warfare
  • Information operations
  • Security force assistance
  • Preparation of the environment
  • Counter-insurgency
  • Spacetime Interdiction Operations
  • Special/Clandestine operations
  • Counter-drug operations

Insertion/extraction techniques

  • Patrolling
  • Hopper and Runabout Touchdown
  • Helocast Personnel
  • Over-the-Horizon Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC)
  • Rappel
  • Fast-roping
  • Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE)
  • Parachute Static Line
  • HALO/HAHO parachuting
  • EVA

Now, training complete, Mike is reuniting with Eclipse.
Service Record
65660.0Cadet Enlisted in Starfleet Marine Corps
66126.02nd LieutenantCommissioned 2nd Lieutenant and assigned Camp Durango
69663.01st LieutenantPromoted 1st Lieutenant and transferred USS Eclipse Marine Detachment Commander
69704.0Marine CaptainPromoted Marine Captain
69729.0Marine CaptainPromoted 2nd Officer, USS Eclipse
70325.5MajorPromoted Major
71465.5Lieutenan ColonelPromoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Heart of the tigerDepartment Service Badge: MarineCaptain's Personal Merit