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Lieutenant Commander Ean Gael

Name Ean Gael

Second Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Ean is tall and slender. He has spots on his body as all joined Trill’s have. He keeps his hair short and combed back.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Ahjess Belar
Mother Mazie Belar
Brother(s) Kymble Belar
Sister(s) Zinn Spalen
Other Family Joran Spalen (brother-in-law); Nilani (niece); Timo (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ean has a slightly increased mental capacity due to the joining. Ean’s symbiont only had one (1) previous host, a woman named Emony who was a scientist, from which he can draw experiences from. Due to his parents, he is a curious person. He has a cultural flexibility about him also, which is believed to be from his symbiont. He is very protective of his belly area due to the fact that a critical hit here could kill is symbiont. He lives by a code of honour (Trill Symbiosis - This symbolizes the deep commitment of the host towards their symbiont. The Trill host may give his life to protect the vermiform inside him, placing the continued existence of the symbiont as a priority even over the sense of self.)
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Cultural Flexibility

Ambitions Commandant of Starfleet Academy
Hobbies & Interests HOBBIES: Gaming (dabo)

INTERESTS: Artistic Expression (cooking)

LANGUAGE(S): Trill & Federation


Personal Skills

Personal History Ean was born on the Trill home world. His father is a dilettante while his mother is a actress. He also matured much faster than the children he associated with.

While in school, he learned about his culture, history, and about the planet. He found an early love for climbing and the planetary science of geology.

Trill Initiate Hopeful – Like most Trills, Ean’s wish was to obtain the honor of hosting a symbiont. However the competition was tough, and the symbiont Commission only chose the best and the brightest to enter the Initiate Program, which is designed to cull unsuitable hosts from the ranks of the potential hosts. It always has more candidates that apply than could possibly be taken on by the Initiate program, which itself take’s on more Initiates than there are symbionts. He was received into the program when he just turned 20, even though he didn’t go through years of growth and maturity; which allows for better integration of personalities when joined like most others. While going through the initiate program, a young woman, named Alva Tigan, became his rival. Some of his studies included the plantery science of volcanology and he learned to swim, which he took to quite easily.

Trill Symbiosis Commission Initiate - Ean was a successful Initiate and achieved the joining. His symbiont had retained an artistic expression of cooking, a habit of gambling in dabo, and the life science of botany from the previous host. He learned archery, the social sciences of sociology and geography, Trill Vermiform first aid, and Trill Symbiosis law. The Initiate Program lasted three years.

Upon being recruited by Starfleet, he was commissioned at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and sent to Starfleet’s Survival School. It was determined he would specialize in planetary survival of subterranean survival/spelunking, due to the fact that he had already studied the key courses for this skill.

After graduation from survival school, he was assigned to the ground forces in the Kalandra Sector during the Dominion War. While with this unit he learned to use a phaser energy rifle and the primitive bush knife. He received training in small unit planetary tactics. His unit took part in the taken of AR-558 Relay Station in the Kepla Sector in mid-2375. He continued to serve with the ground forces until his promotion to Lieutenant.

Upon his promotion, he was re-assigned to work as a wartime administrator within the Kalandra Sector. Ean learned logistical administration; his persuasion improved due to the constant debates that he had to go through to accomplish his missions, and he became very good at strategic operations in the Kalandra Sector. He became friendly with a Deputy Second Undersecretary for Contact. He was only at this post for two (2) years when the war ended.

He was re-assigned to the Rapid Response Team within the Kalandra Sector where his team would perform various peacetime missions. On one mission they were sent to a planet where a ship had crashed. His team had to search the wreckage of the ship. As they walked through looking for survivors, he happened upon a young boy that was barely alive. The boy had serious wounds and near death. He got the little boy from under the wreckage and beamed him directly to the sickbay. The doctors saved his life. Ean doesn't even know what happened to that little boy. While in this role, Ean took a command course in combat leadership. He learned to operate a shuttlecraft, how to due research with a computer, and became very knowledgeable of Starfleet Regulations and how these laws applied to Starfleet personnel. He learned to maintain and repair personal communicators. He also received Zero-G training. After three (3) years in this role, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and re-assigned.

His next assignment was to Starbase 24 as the Starfleet Attache to Draken. It is unknown whether his prior relationship with the Deputy Second Undersecretary for Contact earlier in his career was the reason for this assignment. While serving on Starbase 24, Ean learned as much as he could about the romulan culture. His diplomacy skill continued to grow especially when dealing with the planetary affairs of Draken. Ean spent many hours to increase his knowledge of the world of Draken. He learned to use the computer for computer simulation/modeling in order to better understand everything that he needed to learn about the situations’ that he would be dealing with. As a lieutenant commander he received training in using a hand-held phaser energy weapon. Ean increased his knowledge about the federation’s history. After six years at this position, he applied for duty as an academy instructor.

Ean’s request to become an academy instructor was approved and he served as an instructor within the last fleet he served in. He also served aboard the USS Tikal when not teaching as the Media Relations Officer. Ean was promoted to the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer aboard the USS Tikal in 2389. He would serve there until the USS Tikal was destroyed during a mission. His next duty station would be aboard the USS Ecplise as the Chief Strategic Operations Officer.
Service Record Recruited by Starfleet; 2374
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade; 2374
Lieutenant Junior Grade – Squad Commander – 117th Ground Forces Company; 2374 – 2378
Promoted to Lieutenant; 2378
Lieutenant – War Administration – Kalandra Sector; 2378 – 2380
Lieutenant – Response Team Commander – Kalandra Sector; 2380 - 2383
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander; 2383
Lieutenant Commander – Starfleet Attaché – Starbase 24; 2383 - 2389
Lieutenant Commander – Academy Instructor – 8th “Horizon” Fleet; 2389 – 2389 (PNPC)
Lieutenant Commander – Media Relations Officer – USS Tikal; 2389 – 2389 (PNPC)
Lieutenant Commander – Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer – USS Tikal; 2389 – 2389 (PNPC)
Lieutenant Commander – Chief Strategic Operations Officer – USS Ecplise; 2389 - ????