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Lieutenant Niklaus (Klaus) Stormbringer

Name Niklaus (Klaus) Stormbringer S.F. Ranger

Position Battle Readiness Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human*
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 240 lb
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color steel blue/amber
Physical Description stout build. usually clean shaved. has a replacement eye from an accident earlier in his career.

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Spouse Sandy(ex), Linka(deceased), Bonny(ex)
Children Daughter-Nicolla (Linka)
Father Karl
Mother Gina
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview physical. Very to the point. Loyal to The Federation. Cares for his people but is still gruff. Speaks his mind..ALWAYS.
Strengths & Weaknesses * He is a 'born' augment. His parents managed to keep from being captured because they chose a peaceful path. He was born at the pinnacle of human health and just got bigger.

Faster, stronger, perfect memory. He isn't as powerful as his parents but still above the cut for normal. Due to being born, his genes do not show the tell-tale signs of augmentation.

has one hell of a temper if set off.

has many skills he has picked up due to his longevity in the Service.

his left eye has a small, short range tricorder and a small computer that keeps his HUD balance with his natural eye and a minor targeting system.
Hobbies & Interests most hobbies he has help keep his mind and/or skills sharp.

models, puzzles, darts, billiards, gadgets. decent cook but has a knack for making rations taste better


Ship Certifications piloting-3


engineering- 1

computer use-2


Search and rescue-4

EVA suit use-4
Science Certifications biology-1

Combat Certifications hand to hand-4
edged weapons-3
ancient weapons-3

Personal Skills

Personal History his parents were members of a peace commune... so naturally, Nik wanted to be a soldier. He did sports, academic challenges, anything to increase his chances. A few times in school, he was accused of steroid use but always tested clean. He enlisted when he was 18 and never looked back.

From grunt to electronics to EOD. Did time as a heavy-gunner and also a drop pilot. Mustanged to warrant officer. During the dominion war he excelled, and was offered a full commission. He returned to training two different times, the 1st for command and security, the 2nd for full pilots' training and intelligence. Has over 30 years in and doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon.

He was selected to run a small group of "Star Fleet Rangers". He and the group underwent another round of training, filling in the blanks.

When he lost his left eye, he refused the option to make it look normal." I survived. It is part of me now and I am proud of who I am."

* when discussing the past during a visit home, his parent's revealed why he was how he was. They then explained that they were peaceful but being part of the commune meant they didn't have to supply scans.
Service Record grad with sharp shooter expert- 127th planetary assault Group(e-3)

Electronic OJT-127th PAG(e-4)

transfer to weapons' disposal- 127th PAG 13th weapons' disposal squad.(e-5)

"Mustang"- 127th PAG- 22nd Troop Transport Squadron(Wo-1)
-purple heart( crash took eye)

Retraining- Commissioned-(O-1)

-CSO Defiant-class patrol craft- 34th perimeter patrol Squadron (o-1)

Retraining- Pilot certification, vetted for command-(O-2)

-CO - Defiant-class PC-(O-2)

Transfer- USS Sov