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Lieutenant Talloc Suder

Name Talloc Suder

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Beatzoid
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6"5
Weight 200
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Tall towering man who is extremly intimadating


Spouse Jemma
Children None
Father Jovel
Mother Dina
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A starfleet man who was at one point a commanding officer of a Defiant Class starship and disobeyed orders resulting in being discharged from starfleet and wanted to serve out his 30 years.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-leader,Quick thinker

Weakness-Takes matters into own hands, non-convential, arrogant, alcoholic
Ambitions To retire with full honors
Hobbies & Interests Starship Operations, Alian Cultures


Personal Skills

Personal History Talloc was born on Betazoid and had a normal childhood. His father was an architect for the community they belonged to and his mother stayed at home and took care of him. He was an only child. When he was 17 he went Andoria and sampled Romulian Ale which he loved and struggled with the rest of his life. He was accepted into starfleet academy and specialized in Security and Tactical operations and has some engineering abilities. He went through the academy without anyone noticing his drinking problem. He was able to get true alcohol that has the intoxicating effects. He graduated Cum laude and was assigned to the Sabre Class USS Foxtrot as a tactical officer. He took the night shift on the station and finished the tour on the USS Foxtrot with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Talloc was then reassigned to the Defiant Class USS Bradbury as the Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer and also brushed up on his engineering skills. He managed to reprogram the replicator so that every time he ordered a drink it put true alcohol in his drink and he managed to hide his drunkenness from his superiors. He left the USS Bradbury and was assigned to the Ambassador Class USS Rubican and was the Assistant Chief for the Tactical department, but had the day shift and also at times was the acting Security Chief. During his assignment on the Rubican he recieved a promotion to full Lieutenant and was transfered to the USS Florida also an Ambassador Class starship as the Chief Tactical officer. He at times took command of the bridge at night and lead a number of way teams to secure facilities not to mention litigated with various species. After which several treaties and negotiations were settled Talloc was transferred to the Glaxay Class USS Kennedy he served as Chief Security Officer and did very well there and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transfered to the Nova class USS Einstein the ship was in need of serious overall of personnel and procedure and Talloc was also made the second officer of the ship. That meant that he took command more often and had to regulate his drinking more, but he managed to do so. The phaser banks were 3 years out of date so Talloc was able to get them hotter then ever and the crew more combat efficent. His efforts were recognized by Admiral Nelson and Talloc was made an instructor at Starfleet Academy in which the majority of his students did very well, he was then promoted and transferred to the USS Sovereign a prototype of the Sovereign class battleship. He was part of the shakedown and got the ship combat ready upon successful completion of this he was transferred to the much needed USS Thunderbolt to revamp the weapons and security on the ship, starfleet saw his potential and transferred him to command and gave him command of a Defiant Class USS Hermes and made successful patrols and as a Commanding Officer he was able to even more sneak around his addiction. After great service he was promoted to the rank of Captain. He was transferred to the Defiant Class USS Foxwell. He snuck his addiction even more then before. The ship got into a combat situation and due to his addiction he gave orders that made no sense and his first officer took command. The chief medical officer ran a test and found that he was very drunk and unable to command. This incident was reported and Talloc was stripped of his rank. He either could leave and get no benefits or take a warrant or enlisted rank and finish his time. He chose to be a battle readiness officer with a warrant officer rank and was assigned to the USS Eclipse.
Service Record USS Foxtrot-Sabre Class-Ensign/Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Bradbury-Defiant Class-LTJG
USS Rubicon-Ambassador Class-LTJG/LT
USS Florida-Ambassador Class-LT
USS Kennedy-Galaxy Class-LT/LCDR
USS Einstein-Nova Class-LCDR
Starfleet Academy-Earth/LCDR
USS Sovereign- Sovereign Class/CDR
USS Thunderbolt-Akira Class-CDR
USS Hermes-Defiant Class-CDR-Commanding Officer
USS Foxwell-Defiant Class-Captain-Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse-Galaxy Class-Warrant Officer