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Commander Voric Miller

Name Voric Miller

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A tall and slendar Vulcan


Children None
Father Ovalic
Mother Gina-Deceased
Other Family Oswald and Angus Miller Aunt and Uncle of Voric parents of Gina

Personality & Traits

General Overview A logical and emotional Vulcan that enjoys both logical and humor
Strengths & Weaknesses Logical, Funny, Lazy, Emotionally Unbalanced , ambitious, cant take a hint
Ambitions Learn all of the vehicles that Starfleet has that he could pilot, become a starship Captain
Hobbies & Interests Weapons, meditation, music, politics, languages and vehicles and languages-Vulcan, English, French, Japanese, Cardissian, Bajorian,


Ship Certifications First Officer Training
Combat Certifications Tactical analysis

Personal Skills

Personal History oric was born on Vulcan by a human female who died during child birth. He is the youngest of 8 siblings. His mother had all boys. He is the only Vulcan/Human hybrid. All of his brothers are 100% Vulcan. He didn’t blend in with his siblings at all. They were all studying logic and focused, Voric was listening to Earth music and dancing around. When his father Ovalic, called to meditation Voric was completely focused on that. He attended Vulcan elementary schools and had a hard time with it and the teachers disapproved of his actions and his performance. After reching 13 years of age Voric’s father sent him to his Human Aunt and Uncle in Texas. They were Oswald and Agnus Miller. So Voric was sent there and started high school, he was the only Vulcan there and the kids picked on him, but he exceeded there and went on to graduate from high school on Earth. He then learned about college and applied to Harvard. He was accepted and his freshman year he studied Earth history and learned of Starfleet. Voric was very interested. He completed his first year and applied to Starfleet academy and got in on the first attempt. He moved to San Francisco, CA. He had to start as a freshman and at first he was interested in the sciences, being a typical Vulcan and studied that. After the shuttlecraft introduction course Voric really got into piloting! He asked his instructor to change his major area of study from science to piloting and was approved. His second year at the academy went well and he passed his license to pilot all types of shuttles in Starfleet at that time. This third year in the flight simulator he was piloting an old pre-refit constitution class and enjoyed greatly. He found them very maneuverable. He received certification to pilot Constitution, Excelsior, Ambassador, Galaxy, Akira, Intrepid, Defiant and Sovereign class starships his third year. Mid way through his senior year his instructor a Commander Rad asked him if he wanted to go through the training to pilot a Prometheus Class starship and he passed with a 98% grade. He graduated 5th in his class and received his commission as an Ensign and assigned as the nightshift helmsman onboard the USS Mars a Galaxy Class starship. While there he made friendships there with no problem with humans and was able to joke and laugh amongst them. Once during a shift he had to navigate a through a nebula and he did quite well and the first officer was quite impressed with his skills. He was then transferred to the shuttle crew assistant chief pilot position on the ship and did quite well. He piloted the Captain when needed and made independent trips to give and receive supplies for the ship. After fours years aboard the USS Mars, Voric was given a commendation and given an assignment of his choice. He chose Deep Space 5 in charge of shuttle operations and was to make sure the shuttles were ready. Once while transporting an admiral Voric had an impulse engine failure and was able to get the admiral where he needed to go on time just on thrusters. The admiral made a recommendation to Voric’s Commanding Officer to a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. His CO agreed and promoted him and then transferred him to the Prometheus class USS Ironsides. Voric was the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer for the ship and had the day time helm station on the bridge, since the Chief Flight Control Officer was a night owl. Voric was able to will in Multi Vector assault mode pilot both other half’s of the ship. He amazed the Captain of the ship continuously, once during a battle the ship had lost main power to the impulse engines, the Captain ordered that the ship go into multi vector assault mode and LTJG Voric was able to get the bottom half of the ship in positon so the enemy could not spot it and was able to deliver a massive blow to the attacking vessel. Also on the same assignment the marines of the ship had to capture a Cardiassian Galor class ship and once they did LTJG Voric was able read the controls and pilot the ship to a starbase to study the ship. Voric was able to pilot the ship so the Cardassians could not find the ship and was able to slip past various cardassian checkpoints also. At the end of the tour he was transferred to the Sovereign Class USS England and had a great tour there. He was made the Chief Flight control officer and also made in charge of the shuttle bay in maintenance and readiness of the shuttles after four years the Commanding Officer was impressed and made him a full Lieutenant. Voric hungered for more in the command area and went back to Starfleet command and learned the area of Tactical Combat and Security training. Once done with the training he was transferred to the Ambassador Class USS Roosevelt as the Chief Tactical Officer! He was then assigned to the USS Regent as the First Officer
Service Record USS Mars-Galaxy Class-Flight Control Officer
Deep Space 5-Flight Control Officer
USS Ironsides-Prometheus Class-Assitant Chief Flight Control Officer

USS England-Soveregin Class-Chief Flight Control Officer
Security Training and Tactical Combat Training
USS Roosevelt-Ambassador Class
USS Regent-Sovergein Class