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Lieutenant M'tari Nim

Name M'tari Nim

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color white
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tall, thin, with a gleaming white coat and piercing blue eyes, Nim is a very striking Caitian. He keeps his long mane pulled back in a ponytail and grooms himself meticulously. His whiskers are unusually long and sometimes get caught on things.


Spouse S'tara (deceased)
Children Calea (daughter)
Father H'Nerr Toril
Mother S'cara Nim
Sister(s) Tiz Toril
Other Family Uncle Murr

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite his imposing stature, Nim has always been a natural nurturer. Aside from caring for his patients, he is a loving father to his six year old daughter, Calea, and keeps a variety of plants and vegetables that he tends to diligently. He also greatly enjoys reading and spends what little free time he has buried in books.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

-loves people
-excellent knowledge of plants


-direct sunlight
-doesn't take criticism well
Ambitions Above all else, Nim wishes to provide a bright future for his daughter. Beyond that he hopes to one day have a command position aboard a medical vessel. Until then, he would like to help as many people as he can.
Hobbies & Interests Some of Nim's hobbies include botany and gardening, reading ancient Romulan literature, and ice-skating. He also is interested in conducting research on a variety of autoimmune disorders as well as new ways of performing hemorrhage control in trauma patients.


Personal Skills

Personal History Born on Cait in the city of Setherra in the northern-most province, Nim came from a humble family of civilian engineers. Being that he is an albino, he was born with no functional hearing and a high sensitivity to light. He was given cochlear implants shortly after birth and was left with hearing more acute than the average Caitian. He has a twin sister named Tiz, and they are the only children of their parents, S'cara and H'nerr.

Nim's childhood was unremarkable. He was an above average student, but aside from his bookish nature, never really went above and beyond the expectations of his teachers. When he was twelve he met a girl named S'tara who would bully him unmercifully. That is until one day, mid argument, she kissed him. Her aggression was apparently misdirected feelings of admiration and they were inseparable from that point forward.

He graduated from his primary schooling with honors and at the age of eighteen decided to do what no one in his family had done before him. He enlisted in Starfleet. It was that same year that he also became engaged to S'tara through a traditional Caitian ceremonial rite.

Nim joined Starfleet as a medic, but was quickly selected for medical school, which he attended concurrently with his usual duties in San Francisco at Starfleet Academy and later on Starbase 272. He completed his medical training at the age of thirty and quickly married his childhood sweetheart who was then working as a civilian teacher aboard the starbase.

He was soon transferred to the USS Tardigrade where he served as a medical officer during the ship's routine research mission. His wife soon became pregnant and his life seemed picturesque. That is until it was discovered that S'tara was suffering from C'tel's disease, a rare autoimmune disorder affecting Caitians. As her pregnancy progressed, so did the disease, rendering her unable to walk and eventually unable to speak or move at all as it rapidly destroyed her nerve cells. Their baby, a little girl named Calea, was born via emergency c-section seven weeks premature. S'tara only survived for a week after her birth- just long enough to bond with her daughter.

S'tara's death devastated Nim, and he had to take leave from his duties for almost two years to both raise his daughter (with some help from his parents) and to try to recover enough from his wife's death to be a functional officer again.

After his leave of absence, Nim was stationed aboard the USS Sentinel where he served as assistant chief of medicine. After four years, he received a promotion and requested a transfer. Though it was rumored that the transfer actually was requested following a huge disagreement between himself and the chief medical officer. Nim maintains that he was simply looking to broaden his horizons.

After a few months, he was given orders to report for duty aboard the USS Eclipse. So he packed his belongings and his plants and prepared for his departure.
Service Record 2370-2371: Starfleet Enlisted Training
2371-2375: Starfleet Academy School of Medicine
2375-2380: Starbase 272
2380-2382: USS Tardigrade
2382-2385: Leave of Absence
2385-2389: USS Sentinel
2389-present: USS Eclipse