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Commander Anita Lon

Name Anita Lon

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species ex-borg/betazoid
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 115lb
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color borg implants
Physical Description Anita has long curly blonde hair. Has an implant on her forehead, an implant under her left eye and borg ocular implants for eyes. She's tall with a slim figure


Spouse none
Children none
Father tam lon
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anita has a typical borg personality - she's very blunt, logical and doesn't always give the best first impression. Due to her betazoid heritage she's also very truthful.
Strengths & Weaknesses strengths -
Borg implants which give her enhanced sights, agility and reflexes
eidetic memory
Betazoid telepathy and empathic senses
resistant to injury and many forms of radiation
Honest, kind, caring

Weaknesses -
scared of being alone
scared of the borg
prone to malfunction or failure or receiving unwanted transmissions from the Borg Queen or other Borg devices
has to regenerate to regulate her implants
Ambitions to become a chief science officer
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys playing and listening to music, playing chess, drawing and going on the holodeck


Personal Skills

Personal History anita was travelling back to betazed with her father at the age of 4 when their shuttle was attacked by the borg. They were both assimilated and forced become one with the borg.
16 years later, the Borg sphere anita was on was damaged by an ion storm. An electrical current travelled through the ship and hit the regenerative unit she was linked to. Her link to the collective was severed, for the next two weeks she slowly regained her humanity and her memories. She killed every borg drone on the sphere and seized control. She surrendered to a star fleet ship, who's chief medical officer removed most of her borg implants. She remained in the ship till they took her to earth where she enrolled in star fleet academy. She found it hard to not be in space, and as a borg drone she was a science drone and found science interesting.
During her time in the academy, she started a 3 year relationship with a Logan stone who was training to become a marine. They were engaged for a year, but Logan put his career first and left for a year for a top secret assignment. Anita didn't want to wait for him and broke off the engagement.
4 years later, she qualified as a science officer and was placed on the USS Regan as a junior science officer. 2 years later, she applied for the position as chief science officer on the USS Cochrane and was granted the position.
Service Record Qualified from star fleet at the age of 24
Become a science officer on the USS Regen for two years.
By the age of 26 she was granted the position of chief science officer on the USS Cochrane as JG Lieutenant.
Became chief science officer on USS eclipse