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Brigadier General Matt Jester

Name Matt Jester

Position Division XO

Rank Brigadier General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Beatzoid
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6"2
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A tall, thin Marine officer


Spouse Clara
Children John, Claire, Richard
Father Kyle
Mother Kinya
Brother(s) Michael, Kevin
Sister(s) Mona, Rachel
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A Marine who is tough, but also open to suggestions
Ambitions To retire
Hobbies & Interests Weapons, engines, tactics


Ship Certifications Command
Security/Tactical Level-3
Operations Level-3
Engineering Level-2
Flight Control Level-2
Combat Certifications Hand to Hand Combat
Martial Arts
Long Rifles

Personal Skills

Personal History Matt was born on the USS Bunker Hill an older Constellation Class design, who his father served as first officer Commander John Jester. Matt was in love with space since five years of age.
Service Record Vulcan Embassy-Planet Earth-Second Lieutenant
Earth Embassy-Plant Vulcan-First Lieutenant

Marine Expeditionary Command-Star Base 81-First Lieutenant/Captain

Marine Unit Commanding Officer-USS Zuchov-Ambassador Class-Captain

Starfleet Academy-Earth-Captain

Assistant Chief Security Officer-USS Drake-Galaxy Class-Captain

Chief of Security/Tactical Officer-USS Foxhorn-Sovereign Class-Major

Chief of Security/Tactical Officer-Deep Space Five-Major
Battalion XO-Marine Training Command-Earth-Major
Battalion CO-Marine Training Command Earth-Lieutenant Colonel
Marine Embassy Commanding Officer-Qronos-Lieutenant Colonel
Marine Expeditionary Executive Officer-31st Marine Expeditionary Unit-Lieutenant Colonel

Commanding Officer-USS Victorious-Vikrant Class-Colonel
Commanding Officer -Deep Space 7-Marine Unit Colonel
Commanding General-Starbase 55-Marine Unit-Brigadier General