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Commander Hafrap Graf

Name Hafrap Graf

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Acting Chief Science Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short stocky man who is a bit of a know it all, he has been around the block and knows a lot of things. He never needs a manual at all.


Spouse Heather-divorced
Children William
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jessica
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview 23 Year Veteran of both Starfleet and Medical Corps there isn’t anything he hasn’t seen or done Strong, likable guy who likes to make everyone happy no grudge or nastiness comes from him he avoids confrontation at all costs. He hates the entire Orion race for what they have put him through, and isn't sure that if an orion were in front of him for medical care that he would treat them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Hafrap is very knowledgeable and likable and because of that he is extremely easy going and fun.

Weakness: His strengths allow him to be personable, but totally non-confrontational and overconfident in his profession.
Ambitions To complete thirty years in the medical field and hope to achieve the rank of at least Lieutenant Commander and hopes to be finish his career as a Bridge Certified Officer onboard a starship
Hobbies & Interests Hafrap enjoys researching Medicine and even cooking even though he is horrible at it. He enjoys Klingon opera, Also he collects old coins of any culture.

English, French, German, Klingon, Romulain, Cardiassian


Ship Certifications Security Level-1
Operations Level-1
Flight Control Level-1
Engineering Level-1
Science Certifications Medical Level-3
Science Level-2
Combat Certifications Field Doctor Level-3

Personal Skills

Personal History Hafrap was born in London, England. He is the oldest of 5 siblings one brother and four sisters. He took a big liking to school, but was generally the class clown. He would dip the girls hair in color changing formula and food mix, usually to a bright pink orange or red. In high school he studied sports medicine. After high school he applied to the enlisted core of Starfleet and was accepted as a medic. After three years he was already a third class petty officer. While in a border planet he got caught in a cross fire and fired his phaser and he ended up disabling an orion who tried to sell him into slavery. He was able to capture the orion and turn him over to the Orion authorities. He went into counseling for three months, but for his actions he received a medal for valor and a promotion to second class. He then spend some time on board an Excelsior Class starship the USS Render as a sickbay medic and did very well on that assignment. He then was transferred to medical ship USS Nightingale and after two years of an uneventful tour the ship was attacked by an Orion pirate ship he was on the bridge and they boarded the bridge it brought back old memories and the orions immediately fired on the Captain of the ship. Hafrap immediately returned fire and missed the leader and the next thing that he knew he was in the sickbay being treated the orion had knocked him out and then tossed him into a bridge consel and broken his left arm and right leg. He would need a few days rest. He was told that after he was knocked out the head Orion attacked the captain and that the security/marine team was able to contain the situation. Hafrap went guilty because he could not protect the bridge officers better. The counselor of the ship told him that he was a medical officer not a security/marine officer.
Once the marines got a hold of the situation they found out threw the orion prisoners that they were going to commandeer the starship and take all medical supplies and sell off to slavery all those healthy and fit and kill all the other members of the crew that weren’t. Hafrap went into deep shock and therapy from the incident so in addition to his duties he was treated for PTSD. So he finished the tour on the Nightingale he was sent to Earth. He was promoted to PO1, but still very traumatized. It was here that he became an Independent Duty Corpsman. While performing his duties at Starfleet Academy he was counseled with for the PTSD. When the cadets were assigned to training exercise they were sent to the Excelsior Class USS Firewater and Hafrap was given the position of Chief Medical Officer. He was the only medical officer for the exercise. During the exercise the ship was hit by an asteroid and that caused the Commanding Officer to hit his head. After that he started to give orders that didn’t make sense Hafrap stayed on the bridge and monitored the CO. After about 3 minutes he relieved the CO from Command. The CO was not happy with that an threatened to file a formal report. The review found that Hafrap was correct in his actions. He was then reassigned to USS Lasalle as a PO1 he was a Marine Medic and went on exercises with them and basically fixed blisters and dehydration. He was very enjoyable for him. After that assignment he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and then went to medical school to become a doctor. So with the recommendation of his Commanding Officer, Hafrap was sent to medical school on Earth.

Upon completion of Medical Schoo, Hfrap was given the rank of Warrant Officer, and a medical degree, Warrant Officer Hafrap Graf was assigned to the newest ship in the fleet the USS Sovereign and did some good. The ship was hit in a battle with Romulians and Hafrap was caught below decks with someone that he had to get to sickbay with a broken leg. He managed to immobilize the leg and put the patient on a stretcher. He took the patient and the stretcher up five decks with another medical officer. They arrived to sickbay and Hafrap was able to treat the patient, he had developed an infection in the leg. It was discovered that if he hadn’t received treatment he may have died. He finished the rest of the tour without a problem. He was then assigned to the USS Gettysburg a Defiant Class starship. He was a medical officer and got the attention of the CO and the CMO. He was sent on the dangerous missions. While in the orbit of a planet the crew began to become infected with a lethal virus. It would infect its host through the nose and then affect the brain making the host very hyper it would then cause them to go crazy and then sudden death. It killed the first officer and chief engineer before he and the CMO found a cure. Ensign Graf identified the human enzyme that attracted the virus and was able to kill the virus before it killed the patient saving the crew of the USS Gettysburg.

Hafrap was re-assigned Starbase 413 as a Medical officer He was in charge of training the Marine Medics since he had experience there. He did all of the rescue procedures with them and the training missions. He was finished that assignment was otherwise uneventful. Hafrap enjoyed the marines and the comprador that went with them. After that he was once again assigned to a Marine Troop Ship the USS Poller and the Marine Commanding officer a Lieutenant Colonel Marks was hard on his men and pushed them. At one point one of the Marine Officers a LT Humla May collapsed and Colonel Marks had no regard for her safety or well being. WO Graf knew he had to do something. He first had a conversation with the Colonel try to understand his reasons. After he found that the Colonel would not change his thinking WO Graf decided to go over his head to a General Taylor. The General agreed with WO Graf and had the Colonel relieved of duty, but with that Hafrap was transferred to the a Romulian Warbird the IKS Teriz. He was also promoted to Warrant Officer third class he learned Romulan anatomay and a great deal of the Romulan culture. After that tour he was given a commission to the rank of Ensign and a posting as Chief Medical Officer USS Falcon.

Hafrap was then promotoed to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grad on the USS Falcon and then transfered to the Daystrom Class USS Cochrane. He served on the Cochrane and then transfered to Starbase 55 served as Chief Medical Officer. Transfered to USS Eclipse promoted to Lieutenant serving as Chief Medical Officer
Service Record Border Planet-Medic- PO3

Hospital Ship-USS Nightingale-Medic- PO2

Earth/USS Firewater-Excelsior Class/ USS Lasalle-Troop Ship-Medic- PO1

Medical School-Chief Petty Officer

USS Sovereign- Sovereign Class-Medical Officer- Warrant Officer

USS Gettysburg-Defiant Class-Medical Officer-Warrant Officer

Starbase 413-Stardock Class-Medical Officer- Warrant Officer

USS Poller-Troop Ship-Medical Officer-Warrant Officer

IKS Teriz- Romulian Warbird-Medical Officer-Warrant Officer Third Class

USS Falcon-Hornet Class-Chief Medical Officer- Ensign/Lieutenant Junior Grade

USS Cochrane-Daystrom Class-Assistant Chief Medical Officer-Lieutenant Junior Grade

Transfered to Starbase 55-Chief Medical Officer-Lieutenant Junior Grade

Transfered to USS Eclipse-Galaxy Class-Assistant Chief Medical Officer-Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander