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Commander Robert Patton

Name Robert Simpson Patton

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 63

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 180
Hair Color Gray/White
Eye Color Sblue
Physical Description Tall, somewhat muscular, but not overly muscled. Stands 'ram-rod' straight when speaking. Speaks in an level tone, but can raise his voice when needed. Works out in gym to keep trim.


Spouse None
Children None
Father William Halsey Patton - deceased
Mother Claire Louise Patton, nee Vandegrift - deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considered not much of an talker,has been known to explain the 'workings' to the lower ranks and watch how they 'operate,' observing for future reference whom might display 'Command' personality. Delegates authority to various department heads and lets them do their work.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - When tasked with an problem, mission, what ever, sees it through. Stands up for crew, even if mistakes are made.
Weaknesses - Has been know to take responsibility for failure in order to not blemish a career of an lower rank, though he will later show & explain to said crew person what they did wrong.
Ambitions As of now ( current time, ) he is trying to keep out of trouble and when the time is right - , retire from Federation service.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to read - history (military especially, ) and biographies.


Ship Certifications Legion of Merit - USS Chaffee

Valor Award - USS Grissom

Planetary Exploration Citation - USS Arizona

Planetary Exploration Award - USS O'Toole

Combat and Engagement Award - USS Washington
Science Certifications Planetary Exploration Citation - USS Arizona

Planetary Exploration Award - USS O'Toole
Combat Certifications Legion of Merit - w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Combat & Engagement Citation w/ Silver clasp

Meritorious Award - Star Fleet Service w/ gold clasp

Command in Combat Gold Medal w/ gold clasp

Personal Skills

Skills Intelligent, ready and able to fill in where needed in an ship's service. Quiet, not demonstrative, but ready to speak up for those of the 'under ranks' if he feels they have been wronged.

Personal History As an young man, Robert, or ' Bob' to his close friends, wanted to go out into space. Realizing that one needed an sharp mind and clear head, he began to devour ( i.e., 'read' ) books regarding space exploration and history of the Earth and it's celestial environments.

Upon graduating High School with an gpa of 4.0, he applied for, and was accepted to an prestigious University where he excelled in studies of Diplomacy, rights of indigenous peoples, and history.

Upon College graduation, he applied for, and was accepted to the Federations Star Fleet Academy.
Service Record 2348- Graduates from Academy with rank of Ensign, assigned to the USS Chaffee as Third Engineering Officer..

2352- Promoted to rank of 2nd Lieutenant, assigned to Star Base Copernicus, to study and catalog Federation Treaties.

2357 - Promoted to rank of full Lieutenant, assigned to the USS Grissom as Third Engineering Officer.

2365 - Promoted to rank of Lt. Cmdr., assigned to Star Base Rigel, as Third Officer of Command Staff.

2372 - Transferred ( with rank of Lt. Cmdr., ) to USS Arizona as Third Officer, of Command Staff.

2375 - Promoted to Commander, assigned to Star Base Xeon for Command rank studies and 'brush up.'

2380 - Transferred to USS Sullivan as 2nd in Command..

2381- Promoted to rank of Captain, assigned Command of USS O'Toole.

2385 - Assigned to USS Washington, as Commanding Officer. It is while in that particular service the ship under his command engages an renegade Romulan war ship and using an old maneuver, ( the ' Immelmann Turn,' ) is able to get behind said Romulan vessel and destroy it. Unfortunately, also at this time, negotiations were taking place between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. Captain Patton was 'recalled' to Earth, and given two choices: A) Be ' cashiered ' out of the service and lose his pension, or B) Take a demotion in rank, with the proviso that his pension would be his on retirement, and a new assignment with the USS Eclipse with rank of Commander, and position of ' Chief of Diplomatic Services. '