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Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan

Name Casran Kol Dejan

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 92kg/14.6st
Hair Color black
Eye Color grey
Physical Description Casran Dejan is a tall, broad shouldered Cardassian male with the build of a heavy weight boxer. He has the usual frontal and neck ridges associated with his race and mottled grey skin.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Gul Dejan (deceased)
Mother Krisna Dejan (deceased)
Brother(s) Glinn Hajan Dejan (MIA assumed deceased
Sister(s) Klaran Mas Dejan (Xenobiologist on the USS Megellan)
Other Family Various distant clan/family ties.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Casran is a tough and uncompromising man who can appear humourless, and something of an enigma to his fellow officers. While on duty he is all about the job in hand and holds high standards he expects his brother officers to (at least) match.
Off duty he can seem a somewhat jeckl and hyde charcater (especially after a drink) and can be boisterous and friendly to the surprise of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Physically and mentally tough.
Sets high standards he expects others to meet.
Good in a crisis/emergency situation.

Can seem cool and aloof (even arrogant)
Uncompromising and unwilling to forgive.
Not the best communicator.

Ambitions tbc
Hobbies & Interests Likes gymwork and (holodeck) contact sports of other cultures.
Runs alot.
Military history of Cardassina and Earth.


Personal Skills

Skills Weapons Technical Training (with Marines)
Ground Assault/Ship-to-Ship Assualt (Marines)
Zero-G Training (Marines)
Cardassian tolerance to torture etc.

Personal History Casran Dejan was born on the (Independent) Cardassian Colony of Halja IV, a moon of the gas-giant Halja Prime. The moon's gravity it 0.5 heavier than Cardassian/Earth normal giving the natives a slightly heavier build and HG tolerances.

Halja was colonized centuries ago by an independent minded Cardassian community who were secular and held to various ancient religious beliefs (now forgotten/discarded on Cardassia Prime who became more centralised with religious beliefs overtaken by belief in the state). It is thought they moved wholesale to Halja IV to get away from Cardassian influences and be free to persue their own life-style and beliefs while colonizing the rocky moon (which was then being mined for heavy minerals).

When Casran was young Cardassia Prime decided to concentrate on bringing such "Independent" minded colonies back under their central control. Especially since Halja IV was a rich world with various mining resources and technical research facilities etc. which could prove of use to the Cardassian military.

The Cardassian military used it's usual heavy handed techniques with little time/use for diplomacy and landed a large force under one Gul Jukar. There was little resistance as the Haljan natives had no standing army as such though when their religious beliefs were mocked and then outlawed the Haljan's began a steady program of non-conforming and non-violent resistance (usually by various means of sabotage).

Gul Jukar stamped down quickly taking hostages for the good behavior of the natives. Some young Haljan natives decided to take up a somehwat ill-advised and doomed armed resistance which ended with the death of several hostages and the assasination of Gul Jukar. The military came down hard bombarding several communities from space then, once back in control, shipping numerous Haljan natives back to Cardassia for "re-education" while replacing them with Cardassians loyal to the regime.

At this time Casran (a teenager) sided with the young rebels whilst his family, somewhat more traditionlal and conformist, decided to stick with the regime. Following the end of the armed resistance and military control/martial law of Halja IV Casran left his homeworld and fled to Federation controlled space with his sister Klaran.

Service Record 2 Years served on an idependent freighter (various).
4 Years Starfleet Academy (SF, Earth).
1 Year SF Marine Boot Camp.
2 Years as Corporal (Weapons Tech training).
2 Years Corporal VIIth Marines, USS Carpathian (Marine Assault)
1 Year Corporal/Specialist Marine Training (USS Haldain)
Transferred to SF Security.
2 Years Security Officer (DS7)
2 Years Asst Chief Security Officer (DS7)
Transfered to USS Eclipse.