Lieutenant Ryuukei Akavai

Name Ryuukei Akavai

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Arun Kurokuri
Age 80

Physical Appearance

Height 133 cm
Weight 34 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Teal
Physical Description Ryuukei Akavai is an Arun Kurokuri, a small furry species with an average adult height of 125-140 cm. The fur pattern of the species loosely resembles that of a red panda, however biologically, the species is feline based. The species is very long lived, but they also take a long time to reach adult hood. A Kurokui doesn't reach their full height until they are 55 years old. The species has very thick fur, an adaption to the normally cold environments that this species comes from, however this also means they do not have a good tolerance of heat, and under normal circumstances, they do not wear clothing. In lieu of a standard duty uniform, Ryuukei usually just wears a vest with a combadge and whatever tools he needs for the job.
Due to their small size, Kurokuri are physically weaker than humans and their endurance is lower, however they have excellent hearing and smell, but their eyesight is typically a little worse.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kazen Nokren
Mother Riva Hazeri
Brother(s) Lirvinx
Sister(s) kakivi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryuukei is a deliberate, calculating individual whom in some ways, he is much like his closest sibling, Arumi, but in other ways, is quite the opposite. Like Arumi, Ryuukei is fastidious about keeping himself clean, and keeping his fur in good shape, though compared to Arumi, Ryuukei doesn't act as quickly or as rashly. However Ryuukei is generally an effective leader, whom is very good with those under his command. He is very laid back, if not the most talkative, and is generally even less formal than most Akurians. However he does have a tenancy to be somewhat culturally insensitive. Though he doesn't have the most outgoing personality, he is still typically friendly. Unlike his sibling however, Ryuukei is generally not a real big eater, and has a tenancy to skip meals or eat smaller ones, which has resulted in him being fairly thin. Expect ryuukei to be somewhat distant at first before getting to know people, and don't pet him without asking first, no matter how cute and cuddly he looks.

Ryuukei has an interest in warship designs, both current and historical. He also has a pretty wide variety of interests and varied hobbies. He has an interest in computer gaming, though not as much as Lirvinx. He does enjoy going for a good swim, and he does like to go outdoors, camping out in the wilderness. Arumi is the one whom shares this interest the most with him, as does Weyai.

Ryuukei hates being bored, and he can get restless if nothing is really goes on. He also doesn't particularly like being cooped up anywhere, nor does he like being watched. He can particularly get annoyed when hanging out with Kakivi and she does something to get the attention of a lot of people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-
Ryuukei is a calm, collected individual, with good intellect, and his skill with his energy manipulator abilities is quite good. He generally keeps his physical condition in good shape, except for the occasional tenancy to skip meals or not eat very healthy, but he keeps up in his exercise.

Ryuukei has experienced mostly success in his life, and has never really faced a truly major setback. While he isn't outward about it, it has made him arrogant and very sure of himself. However given that he doesn't really come off as arrogant, it has gone unnoticed for some time, even Ryuukei himself doesn't realize this flaw in himself.

Ryuukei doesn't do as well with abstract concepts, as he is a concrete thinker. Because of this, and his typically blunt nature, he is often very culturally unaware. When he is dealing with a culturally sensitive issue, he can be extremely tactless, often without realizing it, and at times downright rude.
He can get frustrated rather easily if something doesn't turn out like he expects or doesn't go his way, however he doesn't often openly display his frustrations either, instead preferring to remain quiet on it or brood on the matter. Likewise, he doesn't always take defeat or loss in the most graceful manner.
Ambitions Currently its to learn about the federation, but his ultimate goal is to become apart of the Akurian Bureau of starship designs as a major ship designer.
Hobbies & Interests Warship Design
Studying star formations
Intellectual challenges


Ship Certifications Akurian Certifications -

Basic Starfleet Training
Warrant Officer School
Officer Training School
Top Secret Security Clearance
Basic Diplomatic certification

Federation Certifcations -
Level 4 security clearance
Basic Diplomatic Training

Science Certifications Basic Exobiology
Advanced Stellar cartography
Basic Medical Certification
Combat Certifications Akurian -
Advanced Sidearm Certification
Basic Rifle Certification
Advanced Squad Automatic Rifle Certification
Basic Naval Gunnery Certification
Basic Damage Control Certification

Federation -

Personal Skills

Personal History Ryuukei is not native to the Federation rather he comes from the Akurian confederation, a star nation that is roughly the same size as the federation but is located several thousand light years from earth. The federation made first contact with the Akurians in 2379, and in 2385 Ryuukei participated in a new Federation-Akurian exchange officer program.
Service Record Assignments
2387-2388 - Exchange officer academy
2388 - present - assigned to USS Eclipse as a Chief Science Officer

Rank history
2387 - Enters Starfleet under the Starfleet Exchange officer program. Granted a Starfleet commission as a Lieutenant junior grade, the equivalent of his current Akurian Military rank.
2387-2388 - LTJG