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Admiral Jessica Kneed

Name Jessica Kneed

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A slender beautiful woman


Spouse William
Children Martha,Donna,Keith
Father David
Mother Mary
Brother(s) Lawerance
Sister(s) Tori

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is beautiful, but very determined and strong, people are attratcted to her since she looks to be in her late 20's, but once you start to talk with her people relaize she means business
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:Strong Willed, Setermined

Ambitions Have been filled
Hobbies & Interests Medicine


Personal Skills

Personal History Jessica is from betazed and was a tough girl from birth. She never took any grief from anyone. Her father and mother her both doctors and at a young age she liked medicine and saving lives and being a healer, she is the oldest of her siblings which meant that she often acted as a mother to them.

She could not wait to get out of there becuase of that and really enjoyed medicine though, she didnt want to wait and joined the starfleet enlisted core and in Medic Training due to meterious service and knowledge she quickly moved from Seaman to Third Class Petty Officer. She then was assigned to the Marine Unit on Earth, they never deployed, but didnt deploy. She did very well and applied to the officers program and she went to Officers Canaodite School and was comissioned as an Ensign and became a regestered Nurse.

She was then assigned to the Defiant Class USS Viliant which she found to have tight quarters, but enjoyed it a great deal. She did very well she was sent to medical school and graduated third in her class and promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned as a Medical Officer to the Excelsior Class USS Regent.

She found the older starship technology hindering with her medicine and being a doctor. They were consistinly getting updates and slow responces from Starfleet Medical. She was then transfered to the Fleet Embassary where all the Admirals and Ambassadors get medical attention from all over the Federation. She saved an Admiral's life and he granted her any assignement that she wanted next. She choose the highly coveted Vulcan school of Alien Medicine. She aced the class and was moved on to a Starbase outpost of Outpost 4 where they respond to all Federation regestered ships. She was assigned as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She saw all kinds of inquries and illnesses and had to improvise a great deal and alot of time did inter species treatment. She served on the USS Floridia with out any incdients and then was promoted to Commander and was stationed on an Olymbic Class starship the USS Olymbic the protoype of the Class. The medical facilities are remarkable on that design. She showed alot of leadership she was recommended for command and attended Command school and put on the moron uniform and was appionted first officer of the Ambassador Class USS Oddyssy and did very well. She was then made the Commanding Officer of the Nova Class USS Edison.

The ship was assigned to routine scientific cataloging of planets and nebulas. She eventually worked her way up to the rank of Rear Admiral.
Service Record Medic Training-Seamen-Third Class Petty Officer
Marine Unit 2-Planet Earth-Petty Officer Second Class
USS Vilaint-Defiant Class-Nurse-Ensign
Medical School-Planet Earth-Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Regent-Excelsior Class-Meidcal Officer-Lieutenant Junior Grade

Fleet Embassy-Plant Earth-Medical Officer-Lieutenant
Planet Vulcan-Study of Alien Medicane-Lieutenant

Outpost 4 Medical Base-Planet Rinos-Assistant Chief Medical Officer-Lieutenant Commander

USS Florida-Galaxy Class-Chief Medical Officer-Lieutenant Commander

USS Olymbic-Olymbic Class-Chief Medcial Officer-Commander
USS Oddyssy-Ambassador Class-Executive Officer-Commander
USS Edison-Nova Class-Commanding Officer-Commander
USS Victory-Galaxy Class-Commanding Officer-Captain
USS Grand-Soveregin Class-Commanding Officer-Captain
IKS Voxmia-Vorcha Class-Commanding Officer-Captain
Klingon Group Commander-Commodore
Task Group Beta-Commanding Officer-Commodore
Starbase 55 Commanding Officer-Rear Admiral