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Captain Shannon Money

Name Shannon Money

Position Honored Dead

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian/Human
Age 105

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 137lbs.
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description A physically fit woman who lifts weights and exercises diligently.


Father Damien Money (deceased)
Mother Trinity Costa (SB 249) (full El-Aurian)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Money grew up on a colony world and has been through much as a child, able to absorb what she had to deal with to become strong and defend herself against those around her. She carries a lot of pain from that time and someday it is bound to add up to something she won't be experienced enough to handle. Shannon is well aware that grief and guilt are only a micron away from anger and hatred.

From a young age Shannon showed that she was prodigiously talented with emergency medical aid, a gifted pilot, and a skilled mechanic. Years of living on a new colony taught her to use these skills daily to survive and aid others. Her primary interest as she grew up had always been intellectual activities, a proclivity which later aided her when she went to her initial Intelligence training for infiltration. She excels in emergency medicine and engineering pursuits, which makes her perfect for field operations.

Money practices Wing Chun Kung Fu, mixed martial arts, and melee weapons, in the event she should need to improvise at a moment's notice when no firearms are available. Not a master by any means, but she can handle herself in most situations. She is tough as nails for an El-Aurian/Human female, and can take a serious beating before going down.

To sum her up, Shannon Money has reckless confidence, fearlessness and courage, a wry wit and a sardonic sense of humor. She takes her responsibilities as serious as any other personnel.
Strengths & Weaknesses Shannon is a Starfleet Marine; having fought for the Federation against the Dominion, not counting the multiple missions she was assigned once the war was over. Because of extensive combat experience she is an expert in guerilla warfare tactics such as ambushes, setting up booby traps and close quarters combat and hand-to-hand fighting. Apart from these skills, Shannon is experienced in the practical organizational details of a resistance cell, and on several black ops assignments, rallied resistance cells against malevolent leaders.

She is a talented officer and administrator who can effectively command and lead others; having been in charge of the operations of re-taken bases and starships during the Dominion war. She is also an able tactical thinker and planner with a knack for creative problem solving; having provided valuable insights, analysis and solutions to many of the problems she faced.

In battle, she is even a very skillful pilot of smaller and acrobatic spaceships, as well as extremely deadly with her particle weapons, batons, and blades. Even in martial arts, she appears on par with Klingons, despite being female and from a 'weaker' species.
Hobbies & Interests Whatever strikes her fancy.


Ship Certifications Level 4 security clearance due to clandestine operations status.

Qualified in all types of firearms and has trained with Starfleet Tactical Security teams in anti-boarding actions.

Combat Certifications Intel Infiltrator for special ops/black ops

Surveillance & Target Acquisition (STA), the sniper branch of the SFMC, and combined with her Intel training in infiltration to create, once more in Starfleet, marine RECON.

Various martial arts, some more so than others. (bio)

Personal Skills

Skills Small craft piloting.