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Cadet Senior Grade Mike O'Reilly

Name Mike O'Reilly

Position Cadet

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 1m81
Weight 72kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color black


Father John O'Reilly
Mother Sarah O'Reilly

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests flying, camping, hiking, breeding exotic plants


Personal Skills

Personal History Mike was born on starbase 257, a type 173 starbase in the middle of Federation space near the Indri VIII subspace highway. There was a nebula close to the system the base was in and the base was put there to study the effects of the nebula on the planets' ecosystem, next to being a resupply base for ships traveling the Indri VIII highway. Mike's father was the base XO and his mother one of the scientists. Mike's youth was quite idyllic, except that there were few children of his age on the base. But when he turned five, his father was transferred as CO of a new Nebula class ship. His parents tried to keep a long-distance relationship, but in the end it failed and they divorced. As the station was quite safe in the middle of the Federation and had much better educational facilities, Mike stayed of course with his mother.

During his youth he often came into the science labs and he started to pick up things left and right. The labtechs and science officers liked the young man with his endless curiosity and explained quite a lot of advanced science concepts. One of the things they liked less was when he was 12 and he sneaked onboard of a shuttle that went down to a planet to gather some samples. As his mother was the chief science by then and was also on the trip, he could stay as long as he stayed in the base camp. It was here that he got his love of camping.

As starfleet brat he also learned some things that most kids his age didn't learn and by the time he was 15 he could fly most standard shuttles in the starfleet inventory, another thing he liked to do whenever he could. With the outbreak of the Dominion war, most of the scientists with secondary skills in engineering were moved to other ships and stations to make up for the huge losses they had taken. Their place was taken by civilian scientists and with them came a lot of other children, including a number of his age. He quickly made friends with some of them and while he had been a calm child most of the time, under the influence of his new friends he develloped his wild side. One time they took two shuttles to go on a joy-ride in the system. Mike flew one shuttle and one of his new friends flew the other. The other pilot wasn't as skilled with the new type 11 shuttles as Mike and when they flew into the nebula for a bet, the second shuttle got into problems. The shuttle went towards the first planet in the system. Mike tried to keep the shuttle from crashing by pushing it out of the planet's atmosphere by what essentially were a series of mid-air collisions. Lucky for them a passing ship heard their mayday call and managed to rescue both shuttles. However, the large amounts of radiation the second shuttle received when its shields went down killed one of the children.

While he was commended for his try to save the people in the other shuttle, he still felt it was in some way his fault someone died. He became a bit withdrawn and started to help his mother with her exotic plant collection. While his mother liked the time she spent with her son, she was a bit worried about him and arranged some meetings with the counselor. While at first he didn't like it, he came to appreciate what the counselor could do for him.

At 18 he entered the Academy and choose flight control. As he already had a shuttle licence, so that went quite well and soon he was accepted in Red Squad, where he performed quite well. He did got a love of strange plants from his mother and his quarters at the academy looked like a jungle gone rampant. He even managed to get someone to look after them when he was assigned to the Eclipse in his fourth year.