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Cadet Senior Grade Rokiro Kirrishai

Name Rokiro Kirrishai

Position Cadet

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm, 5'7"
Weight 54 kg, 119 lbs
Hair Color Brown - Calico Fur pattern
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rokiro is a mid sized caitian with a calico cat style fur pattern. She is slim but her fur is quite fluffy, and she has a long, bushy tail.


Spouse None
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rokirro is a quiet, soft spoken individual. She generally minds her own business.


Personal Skills

Personal History Rokirro was born on the Caitian colony planet of (TBD). She spent her childhood there, and soon after graduating from her schooling, she spent 3 years mostly working various odd dead end jobs before enlisting in starfleet. She initially tried to get accepted into the academy, however she was unable to get the recommendation to get into starfleet academy, which wasn't helped by the fact that there aren't many caitian officers in starfleet, so she had no choice but to enlist.
Service Record Rokirro enlisted in starfleet at age 20 in 2376. She has spent 8 years as enlisted mostly working sin science and administration type jobs. Her first 4 years of enlistment where mainly with starfleet field studies teams, working in planetary survey efforts. The survey team mainly worked at surveying various planets to determine their suitability for colonization. Then the next 4 years, Rokirro worked in a lab, working in records during most of her time there. Her career has been relatively slow during her time as enlisted, during her 8 years she only managed to achieve the rank of petty officer 2nd class. After her second enlistment ended she finally managed to get approved to join starfleet academy in 2384, where she spent the next 4 years training as a field scientist.

Rank history
2376 - CR
2376- 2377 - CA
2377 - 2379 - CN
2379 - 2383 - PO3
2383 - 2384 - PO2
2384 - 2388 - Cadet