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The USS Eclipse is a Dreadnought Galaxy class Starship assigned to Task Force 1.

The USS Eclipse is currently under the command of Vice-Admiral Chris Barks he has an engineering background. He is also the Commanding Officer for the Task Force 1.

First Officer is Commander Cassandra Quinn her background is in the Security field.

The current mission is Mirror On the Wall. The description can found on the missions page.

The sim year is 2389.

Also there are characters on Starbase 55 and when the ship is docked you can sim on the station also.

Captain Azala Kahn commands the Sovereign class USS Sovereign to patrol and defend the base.

Colonel Richard "Wolf" Johnson commands the Nebula Class ship, refitted for exclusive Marine use with a few Starfleet positions like Chief Security, Medical and Tactical Officer, MCS Freedom.

Starbase 55 is where ships in the fleet come to resupply and refuel. It also houses three starships on a permanent basis to use if no other ship is docked.

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