Starbase 55

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The stories of the people assigned to Starbase 55

Diplomatic Criuse

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The newly refitted USS Eclipse will go to Romulas to work out an agreement for the Federation to assist the Empire in rebuilding their fleet. 18 months have passed since docking.

USS Chesty Puller

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Any and all posts and missions for the USS Chesty Puller.

Cadet Command

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A group of starfleet cadets train on the USS Eclipse.


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This is intermission in between mission to allow for character development.

Things that will never be

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This allows you to tell stories of any universe or time.


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The crew receives a distress call and aid a disabled Romulian ship. There is more to it then meets the eye.

Mirror Borg

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A group of Borg assimilated a Terrian Empire vessel and attempt to asimulate the first officer Commander Anita Lon


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Shore leave a time for upgrades and rest