In Between

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Status Current Mission
Description This is for character development. Things that happen in between the missions.
Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 8:00pm

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Title Timeline Location
Start high, end low
by Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis
current main lounge
Fields of junk
by Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin
current Fighter Bay
Warp awakening
by Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes
current Taav's quarters
"Re-Certification - Shuttle Craft, Per Star Fleet Mandate.
by Commander L'Mina
Current Shuttle Bay - USS Eclipse
Some weird stuff
by Commander L'Mina & Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D.
after meeting the mirror L'Mina counselor's office
Lessons learned
by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin
current main engineering
Repairs again
by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Delvaux
After return to the correct universe Port Nacelle

Mission Summary