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Posted on Mon Mar 27th, 2017 @ 1:26pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Oraxea Zoss

Personal log.

I clearly did something right with security/tactical, as I was allowed to man the console during the approach through the neutral zone. Next up is engineering. I haven't heard from commander Casano so far, but she probably has a lot more things to do than setting up training for a bridge qualification.

During the waiting periods, I've downloaded some information myself and I started studying. I do know a bit of engineering, mostly shuttle maintenance, but that's probably not enough. Especially structural engineering and warp drive engineering is something I need extra information on.

Almost time for my next shift, although there is little to do for helm now we're in orbit. Mostly waiting for something to happen. Commander L'Mina has put more people on duty, so the battle bridge always has at least a helm officer on duty as well, just in case we have to seperate. I'm saucer pilot, so I'm on the big bridge. Sitting on a battle bridge at this point has to be really boring, but that's what the chief decided. And from what I heard she also takes shifts down there. Probably to do her paperwork.

End log.


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