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High Command Briefing - 8 Hours to Beam down to Romulus

Posted on Mon May 8th, 2017 @ 2:27pm by

The briefing in preparation for the beam down to Romulus had taken a bit longer then than expected, and Commander Patton was raising his arms and yawning. Seeing the Admiral looking at him, Patton apologized.

" Nothing to be embarrassed about, Commander." Replied the Admiral.

Patton laughed. " Well, when it comes to ' embarrassment,' I've got the ' topper' of a story. "

Barks sat back down. " If it's ok to relate, and you'd like to, then please do."

Patton sat back in his seat and began. " This takes place at the Academy, star date W.B.Y.T., ie, ' Way Before You Two.' There was a certain young plebe, making his first appearance there, in civies, and he didn't know his way around. Sooo, he noticed an distinguished looking gentleman and approached him and asked, " Excuse me, but would you happen to know the way to the Administration Building, I need to get my classes set up." Well, this gentlemen looks at me then yells out, ' Cadet Rogers, would you come here, please?" And suddenly this fellow, whom it turns out would happen to be an year ahead of me, runs to this gentleman and says, " Yes sir?" To which the older fellow says, " Cadet Rogers, would you and a few of your class mates ' escort' this gentleman to the Administration building, and see that he arrives there, ' safe & sound?'" To which the fellow saluted and grabbed me...and proceeded to have his 'friends' surround me - 1 in front, 2 on each side, and 1 in back. Cadet Rogers, shouted ' Double Time!' and before I knew it we were off and running, the last words I heard from the older gentleman were, " Well, guess I should get into uniform.." Soo, the group of us are heading to Administration, and soon get there, when the Cadet Rogers fellow yells ' halt!' He looks at me and says, ' Ok, here you are - get registered...' and he and his friends begin to melt away.... I shouted at him...' Who was that fellow?" Rogers turned back to me and shouted.." You serious?!?!?! That was Admiral Rickover, the Academy's Commandant! " Rogers shook his head and said before leaving, ' See ya around, buddy!!"

Commander Quinn tried to stifle a laugh. " Did you see this ' Rogers' fellow again?" Patton nodded..." Oh yes...if there was anyway I could get into trouble, Rogers was sure to be behind it. Funny thing though, years later we became friends, served on the same ship.." Patton grew quiet.. " He an accident that took...Mary from me..before I could.." Patton took out a small box from his pocket...He whispered, "Never got the chance..." He spoke louder," Oh well, that's ancient history. Ready for the beam down?"


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