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Posted on Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Molk


I have arrived on the USS Eclipse from the USS Grande, the Grande was a Defiant class, huge difference in size not just the ship, but realm of responsibilities that go with it. I have been promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant and the Assistant Chief Flight Control officer where on my last assignment I was simply a pilot.

I have to meet with Commander L'Mina who is Catian, that should be an interesting meeting. I haven't as of yet worked with someone from that species, I also have to make sure that the shuttlebays are in order. I have yet to meet the enlisted staff of the department and in the department there is a Chief Petty Officer who has the bridge night shift at the conn. It isn't very often that an enlisted personnel have a bridge shift.

I am excited to meet everyone.

Lieutenant Molk
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Eclipse


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