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The Baryon Sweep

Posted on Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 @ 2:54pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kira Shiryankin


Chief Engineer's Personal Log Supplemental ...

Although rest or sleep time has been at a minimum over the last few days, I would like to report that my second experience at running a ship through a baryon radiation sweep was quite smooth.

Of course, since the sweep uses high-end energy to neutralize the baryon particles that build up over the deep space lifetime of a ship, we have to exacuate the ship, and put all of her systems into a low-power mode. Most of the mechanical part of this went perfectly fine. We simply put up a window to each department, telling them when they should suspend operations and put their equipment and computers into low-power mode.

However, have you ever tried to make sure that every human, as well as every pet on the ship was safely evacuated? Now, my cats and rodents, I simply transported to my quarters on Starbase 55, but we had to go through the entire inventory of checked pets, and make sure they were accounted for, as well as any new animals that have been born on the ship since our last layover. There were quite a few, as cats and rabbits and such tend to breed really quick ... thankfully though, not as quickly as tribbles ...

And of course, after the baryon sweep, everyone, pets included was allowed to return to the ship, and we updated the crew, personell, and pet manifests.

I'll admit, I enjoyed it. It was a lot better than my last experience doing a baryon sweep, when I was serving on the USS Icarus, another Galaxy class ship (smaller ships can go longer without such sweeps). It was my first baryon experience, and I was nervous, and probably showed it. Things still worked out, and everything went smoothly, but it's very stressful when you are there almost literally praying that everything goes right, and that no one left their kitten aboard the ship ...

Anyway, now I get to restart the diagnostics, because we've had to shutdown and restart the ship's systems, so TTFN!

Ltjg. Kira Shiryankin
Chief Engineer, USS Eclipse


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