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The big chair

Posted on Mon Sep 25th, 2017 @ 12:09pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Oraxea Zoss

Personal Log, supplemental:

It's my first time in the big chair. I've been on the bridge numerous times of course, but always as a helm officer. Now I'm given command of the whole bridge while the senior staff has a meeting of some sort.

It's not as if a lot can go wrong, as we're in orbit around a planet well within Federation space, but still it's a big honour to be given. Cadet O'Reilly has replaced me in the helm seat, and while he's doing a good job, it's not all that difficult to maintain orbit. He was a good pilot when we were moving all the shuttles back and forth and in the simulation run with the runabouts attached to the saucer he did okay, but that's only a simulation. While it looks the same, deep inside you still know it's only a simulation.

So far, things are going well, although the colonists have lost several people and so have we. At least we now know what's going on and the only thing needed is a solution, which I'm sure we will be able to find. In the meantime we keep monitoring the situation.

End log.


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