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Mission Complete

Posted on Fri Nov 3rd, 2017 @ 4:26pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks


Chris was in his quarters and he sat down.

Log Start:

We were sucessful in surveying the new planet for the farmers and relocating them to it. It took a full month to do it, and we lost alot of good people in the process. Its finally over and the Eclipse is set to meet with the USS Sovereign to borrow Captain Kahn's yacht for a trip to Risa. I need a new Marine CO and a new science officer to be an Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist. Also there are going to be alot of promotions as I have excellent officers you deserve it a great deal!

I'm looking forward to the time off some rest and relaxation with her and not worry about operations and tactics for a while, I am turning over the ship to my first officer now Captain Quinn, you will do an excellent job. I will put in a commendation in for those deserving and promotions all around for my crew.

Vice-Admiral Chris Barks


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