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Settling In

Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joshua MacClaren

So--I've been aboard a while and--that happened...

I've had virtually no interaction with my Commanding Officer but he hasn't complained about my performance so I will count that as a win. I suppose I COULD press for a meeting with himor the Ship's Councilor but that's not in my nature. Pacificans have a bad habit of leaving well enough alone and not trying to push ourselves forward.

Most of the crew have barely noticed Bud and BeBe with the exception of Nurse Genevieve Goodbody. (Yes, that's her name and, yes, she that's what she has.) Poor thing is so terrified of big dogs she asked to transfer shifts. That made all of us sad. The rest of the staff barely gives them a second glance.

I was disappointed to find the *Sovereign's* Holodecks don't have a single Pacifican program and the few surfing programs they DO have on file are, at best, pedestrian. So I have set myself the goal of learning how to create Holodeck programs: I haven't gotten to the point where I am ready to share my creation with the rest of the ship but when I do I am sure the waves will be PRIMO!

Still and all it's different and interesting to be aboard a starship of this size: back on the *Merriwether Lewis* we only had twenty crew so there was a lot of overlap. I didn't do any medical work with the Trill Diplomatic Mission and working on a Starbase Hospital got really dull and repetitive with the same sort of injuries over and over. Here, there's no telling what I might get.

Looking forward to more adventures in my new posting!


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