All the Research That's Fit to Print

Posted on Wed Jan 31st, 2018 @ 9:35pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joshua MacClaren

Just proof-read my paper on Cytocellular Regeneration: I doubt it's so ground-breaking that it will catapult me into the ranks of the leading Medical Scientists in Star Fleet but I think my research shows promise for organ tissue repair/replacement. I think I might be on to an angle that will lead to the eventual 3D printing of tissue but that's a long way off yet. If I'm lucky I might even get published in the Journal of Star Fleet Medicine.

In my off hours I continue to try to master holodeck programming: I have decided to re-create Wa'i'mami Beach and I've got the terrain pretty well down but the waves--just--aren't--right! I may have to consult with an Oceanographer or at least someone from Astrometrics: the tidal affects that the Blue Pearl (Pacifica's largest moon) exerts along with the area's unique terrain are proving hard to replicate. I want to get this RIGHT and I'll keep working until it's as good as the original. The project fills up my off hours and the doggie-dogs have made their displeasure known! Luckily Bud and BeBe have made plenty of friends among the crew so there is never a shortage of people willing to play fetch, go for walks or have a cuddle-session. Still, they are MY bonded companions and I should probably find a way to spend more time with them instead of fobbing them off on random crewmen.

Still as Bud says "as long as you got dis bug up yo' butt you is not goin' to be any use to us!" and, sadly, he's right. I have a bad habbit of fixating on things to the detriment of my relationships. I can't let that happen with the dogs...