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Meeting the CO

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2017 @ 5:59pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Junior Grade Daniel Ryci

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Admiral's Quarters
Timeline: MD 1 10:00

OOC Barks: Want to do an Intro post?
OOC Ryci sure


Admiral Barks was in his ready room and he remembered that a new Chief Operations officer had reported aboard the Eclipse. He looked on the roster and saw his name was Daniel Ryci, he tapped his commbadge and said, "Lieutenant Ryci, report to the Admiral's quarters.

Daniel was checking over his new station on the bridge when he said On my Way admiral " Daniel headed for the turbolift to meet Admiral Barks in his quarters. As soon as he got to Admiral Barks quarters he hit the door chime.

Admiral Barks was sitting at his desk in his quarters finishing up his sushi. He wanted the officer to explain his various positions and what happened. Admiral Barks said, "Enter."

Daniel entered Admiral bark's quarters and stood at attention "Admiral Barks Lieutenant Daniel ryci reporting for duty sir" he saluted Admiral Barks.

Admiral Barks said, "At ease, Lieutenant. I have some questions about your record. Please sit."

Daniel took a seat and said"

Admiral Barks continued, "It seems you were promoted demoted and then promoted again. What was going on?"

Daniel Explained "When I was A Lieutenant Commander my last assignment as a Starfleet Officer was as a first officer of the USS Arondight NCC 72687 then I resigned my commission when Starfleet Command Appointed me as the new federation Ambassador on starbase 611 then Starfleet reassigned me to the USS Eclipse As Chief Operations Officer as a Lieutenant.

"Why wasn't your rank of Lieutenant Commander reinstated?" Barks asked

Starfleet forgot to reinstate me with my current rank when I resigned to be the Federation Ambassador " Daniel said.

Chris asked, "Starfleet forgot? How is that possible?"
Daniel said " I have no idea why Starfleet forgot "He said.

Chris then looked at his PADD and said, "Okay, in six months if you prove to me you will have your Lieutenant Commander rank reinstated."

Aye Sir" Daniel said.

Admiral Barks asked, "Do you have any concerns that you wish to let me know? Anything I can do?"

Daniel said" Not right Now " Daniel stood at attention waited for Admiral barks to dismiss him.

Admiral Barks said, "You are dismissed, Lieutenant, thank you.

Daniel saluted to admiral barks and went back to the bridge to gt his ops staff ready for the next mission the Eclipse to begin.


Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant Daniel Ryci
Chief Operations Officer
U.S.S. Eclipse


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