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Posted on Mon Jan 16th, 2017 @ 3:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Kragg & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Major Matthew Griffin Jr
Edited on on Mon Jan 16th, 2017 @ 5:18pm

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: USS Chesty Puller
Timeline: MD 2 08:00


Admiral Barks looked at the USS Chesty Puller from the window in on the starbase and wanted to get back into engineering things again. He then decided to go aboard her. He first went to the bridge. Commander Kragg was at the Operations station.

Lieutenant Commander Kragg said, “Admiral, we weren’t informed of your arrival, please excuses the mess.”

Chris smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it Commander. I am here to assist Captain Griffin in Main Engineering with the ship’s systems. I’m going to head there now. I want to surprise him. Don’t tell him that I am coming down.”

Chris then went to the turbolift and headed for main engineering.
Matthew was underneath a panel swearing, because the phaser coupling had come apart and his tricorder wasn’t doing what he needed. He then stood up and punched in some commands and took a seat.

Chris walked up and saw the Captain sitting there and said, “Hello, Captain.”

Matthew stood at attention immediately and said, “Hello, Admiral!”

Chris said, “Relax, Captain. I am here to assist you.”
Matthew looked confused for a moment, Chris continued, “I’m here to assist you to get the Chesty Puller up and running, Captain. In this instance you tell me what you need done. Are you having issues with a particular system?”

Matthew was stunned and said,” The phasers on the primary hull don’t want to seem to stay online. Once I get one bank operational another fails it’s a constant juggling act.”

Chris grapped a chair and took a seat, he ran a diagnostic and found that the power output wasn’t right for the phasers. He input his command codes and rebalanced the power output and the phasers were given the appropriate power and brought online.

Chris said, “There you go. Just a bit of re-work needed, that’s all.”

Matthew said, “I went over the power distribution several times. I can’t believe it was that simple.”

Chris said, “Don’t worry about it, you would have needed an XO or better command codes and I know Major McPhearson is running around, so I just sped up the process.

Chris asked, “Have Simulations been run on the engines yet?”

Matthew answered, “The impulse engines are good to go, the warp engines need to be tested and both need to be tested in real time not a simulation.”

Chris said, “I’m going to talk to General Jester about getting this ship some real space time, I can’t promise anything, but this ship does need to spread her wings.”

Matthew said, “That would be great, Admiral!”

The two officers went through the whole ship to get the systems online. The two finished at 20:00 and got some dinner.

Chris was enjoying this a great deal. It had been a while he was able to get into the guts of a ship and take her apart and fix her up. He remembered the reason that he joined starfleet. He would have to talk with Commander Casano about helping out with the systems on the Eclipse.

Chris said, "Captain, I will see you tomorrow."

Matthew said, "I will enjoy, that Admiral."


Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant Commander Kragg
Second Officer
USS Chesty Puller


Captain Matthew Griffin
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Chesty Puller


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