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Teal Meeting

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2017 @ 8:09pm by Commander Hafrap Graf & Lieutenant Junior Grade Susan Miller & Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D. & Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Chief Petty Officer Tookl & Ensign Henro & Petty Officer 1st Class Mark King & Petty Officer 1st Class Jessica James

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Sickbay - Main Suite
Timeline: 1830


Normally this would be the time the outgoing staff would be getting ready to conduct their change of shift report to the oncoming staff but Nikki had other plans. She had decided to take advantage of having all of her ER duty personnel in one place to discuss some of the changes in their new Suite. She had also called in those that had days off just for the meeting....a meeting she planned on duplicating in the IC Ward, Surgical, CCU Isolation, Burn and OB/Pediatric Units over the next week.

Nikki walked out of her office and over to the front of the nurses' station counter. Using a pallet of containers as a step stool, she climbed up on the counter and dangled her legs. Clapping her hands, she called out, "OK, everyone....come on. Gather round. There's plenty of containers to sit on."

Hafrap came and stood next to her. He supported her and whatever was about to be said next.

Staff from various areas of the Suite moved towards the center of Sickbay. Some sat on containers, some leaned against the walls that were up while others perched on empty ladders but most stood.

Tookl came out from behind the charting area of the nurses' station...where they would normally be conducting report and stood with his arms folded.

Henro had just come in and stayed near the back of the group.

Mark and Jessica had come in to restock their Field Trauma Kits and stopped to hear what the CMO had to say.

Susan finished with setting things and made sure things were where they needed to be, she wanted to make sure that if the ship had mass casualties things were ready.

Akane made her way in and sat down...ready to listen.. She smiled warmly. "Ready when you are.."

When she figured everyone that was going to come were there, Nikki pulled her legs up into a crossed legged position and rested her PADD on her lap. "First of all, I want everyone to know that we now have an ACMO. Dr. Graf will now be in charge of our nursing staff as well as running our second shift," she said.

"Hey....alright!" Tookl piped up, clapping Hafrap on the shoulder.

"Congratulations, Dr. Graf," a nurse called out and everyone applauded.

Hafrap said, "Thank you, all! I am privileged to have all of you here."

Susan smiled and was happy for the doctor and clapped her hands as well.

Akane applauded warmly. "Congratulations Dr Graf! Congrats"

Nikki gave everyone a chance to congratulate Haf then she cleared her throat to get everyone's attention again. "As you can see we have a lot of new toys. I want everyone to familiarize yourself with them...especially the upgraded bio-beds. For those of you who may not know...our new ones are temperature controlled. We can now cool a fevered patient or warm up a hypothermic patient without moving them to a specialized bed. It's all integrated....and automatic. Also...there will be no need for handheld Xray tablets. The bio-beds will scan a patient from head to toe and produce cat scan level images of the skeleton as well as internal organs and show them on the main monitor," she said.

"That'll save time," Tookl murmured to the nurse standing next to him who nodded in agreement.

Susan was happy to hear that and she needed to take a look at them. It would save a lot of time. She would be able to get to other important issues that required her more immediate attention.

"In addition we have a full transporter going in at the back of this gorgeous nurses' station that will be able to transport patients directly to a biobed from their location anywhere on the ship as well as lock on any of our combadges and transport anything we are touching from any location off of the ship without transporting us so, for those of us who might have call to be on an Away Team...we can send our patients here without leaving our location and leaving the team without a medical person," Nikki said. "As for this gleaming center piece," she said patted the counter top she was sitting on and gestured to the nurses' station behind her, "from here, we can view each cubicle and each monitor as we chart, prepare medications, report or any of the other less professional things that get done in the nurses' station." She looked around and winked.

Several giggles came from staffers.

Hafrap chimed in and said, "I want to point out that if I catch that happening then I will put you on report. Also we have now an Emergency Medical Hologram. I don't believe we will need it but just in case, you never know."

Akane secretly sighed. She wished her wife was here so she could get into some shenanigans..but unless she had an affair - tempting, but unthinkable ... that was not likely to happen.

There was uncomfortable clearing of throats among the group.

Nikki smiled at the reactions. There would always be shenanigans in closets, empty rooms, jeffries was a given that medical people needed to blow off steam due to the life and death situations they dealt with...up close and personal...every day. And, sometimes, secluded places served that purpose for the willing. Nikki had always kept a blind eye to it as long as it didn't effect their work and it wasn't blatant.

To change the subject and ease the uncomfortable guilty tension that had crept into the room, Nikki said, "our single Iso Chamber has been upgraded to a double chambered unit...each unit controlled by a central monitor station," and she pointed to the two chambers toward the back of the Main Suite where the small single chamber used to be. "There is also a full service surgical chamber," she pointed to a separate room next to the Iso Unit, "for cases that can't wait to be transferred upstairs. When they finish with the back portion of Sickbay there will be 10 treatment cubicles for immediate care patients. The ones up front," she waved to the 7 cubicles they already had but that were being upgraded, "will be used for Triage. Behind the transporter is a much larger storage area and we have several hover gurneys that have been upgraded to be used as portable biobeds should we get overrun with patients."

"Oh. I wondered what the ports in the walls were for," Mark said, indicating the new ports that had been installed along the walls.

Akane smiled, trying to clear some thoughts from her mind. "Sounds excellent...We're all set for emergencies now!"

Hafrap said, "I hope we never need them at all."

"So do I," Nikki said. "OK. So nothing else has changed. We still run two twelve hour shifts...3 on...2 off...and Dr. Graf will take charge of second shift. He will also be in charge of scheduling so if you need to make changes in your shifts...don't make them amongst yourselves...see Dr. Graf so the changes are in the system. We need to account for everyone's whereabouts in case we go to alert status." She held up her hands. "I know I have been kind of lax on that issue but that stops now." She pointed to two of her most common shift traders and said, "So no more trading without going through our ACMO." She looked around. "Anyone have any questions?"

Hafrap was proud of her and just stood beside her supporting her.

When it was obvious that no one had any questions Nikki looked over at Jessica and said, "Jess....since you are our second shift transporter operator, get with Mark to figure out if you guys have to take any training on the new transporter."

Jessica nodded her acknowledgement and began moving through the crowd towards the back of the nurses' station to get a closer look at the new device.

"The rest of you...have a good night," Nikki said and hopped off of the counter. "Haf? It's all yours. See you in the morning," she said to Graf.

Hafrap said, "Good night, Doctor. Charlie shift, lets get to work."


Dr. Nicole Redex
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