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Lunch & company

Posted on Mon Jan 16th, 2017 @ 1:17pm by Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: promenade
Timeline: current


After seeing to her section, Taavis decided to wander the starbase. Once the Eclipse left dock there would be no opportunity to stretch one's legs and see sights that were not a part of every day living on a starship. With her want to wander Taavis knew she would know the internals of the Eclipse intimately, something she always did with each new assignment. As an Intelligence officer it was wise to know one's terrain. Finding a small eatery with an au fresco setup along the railing of the promenade she went and took a seat at a small table meant for two. The server came out, a young Bajoran female. "Do you need a menu, Lieutenant?"

"No, thank you," responded Taavis. "If you have live gaH, I will take a dish of that, a portion of pipius claw, and a mug of raktajino, please."

"No problem. We do have live gaH kept fresh in stasis. I'll take your order back and should be done in a few minutes." The server gave a grin. "If you don't mind a query? You are obviously Vulcan, so why all the Klingon dishes? I thought you people didn't eat meat."

Taavis looked at the woman. "Are you familiar with the Vulcan IDIC?" When the girl said no, Taavis continued. "IDIC means Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. With that in mind, Miss, it would be illogical to assume that all Vulcans are exactly alike, that we do exactly the same things as a species, with no individuality. Were I to make such an assumption about Bajorans I would be remiss in my observations of your species. I thank you for your interest, but I am hungry and would like my meal served promptly." The server apologized for the delay in service, but as she turned away Taavis could see that her explanation had the woman thinking, and that in itself gave her satisfaction.

After a five minute wait the food and drink were brought out and placed before her, with several large cloth napkins. Taavis took one up and covered the front of her powder blue catsuit, then another for her lap. That left two more for face and hands since Klingon cuisine more often than not was to be eaten without utensils. Seeing the writhing gaH Taavis brought the bowl before her and dipped her fingers into them, bringing up several of the worms pinched in fingers. Shoving them into her mouth she began to chew, which caused the worms to writhe with more gusto as they tried to avoid death. The taste and heartiness of the worms was most satisfying, with Taavis catching writhing bits like fettuccine noodles and pushing them into her mouth.

Half way through her gaH, dabbing her face as she ate to keep the mess down, Taavis noted a Human female adult, and a young Human male standing a few paces from her table, both of them looking at her and saying nothing. They simply stood and observed her. Finishing the chewing for the last bite and swallowing, Taavis wiped her face and hands before looking up at them. "May I help you?"

"We don't mean to disturb your lunch," offered the woman.

"If you had not intended disturbing me," Taavis replied. "Then you would not be standing there and staring. It is not only distracting, but dangerous. So, I will repeat the question. What do you want?"

The woman stepped in and extended her hand. "My name is Sarah Jameson, my husband serves on the Eclipse in Engineering. This is our son Damian, who is looking to join Starfleet in the next year or so. May we sit?"

Taavis, an eyebrow arching, was curious as to what this was all about, motioning to the chair across from her for the mother to sit. The teenager grabbed a chair from another table and pulled it over near to his parent and sat down when she did. Once they sat Taavis continued eating since they had disturbed her private time. Most found Klingon cuisine and dining habits distasteful, so she would put on a show of it simply out of spite. Yes, it was illogical to do such things but her Romulan side relished the moment. The young man gave a grin, seeming to enjoy the show, but his mother was trying her hardest to focus on Taavis's eyes, so as not to see the wiggling worms being consumed.

"You are Vulcan, and it is well known that your scientific accomplishments are due to stringent education programs," said Sarah. "With that in mind I was wondering if you would be willing to tutor our son in advanced theoretical mathematics." The woman gave a slight wince as Taavis bit into a more rotund worm, some of the juice of its innards squirting out onto the table.

Taavis dabbed her mouth and chin quickly, chewing and swallowing. "Apologies. That was unexpected." She saw the teenager smile broadly, as if he was enjoying his mother's discomfort. "If I agree, there must be an understanding. I do not take such things lightly, and if you," she looked to Damian. "Are not willing to put in the time and effort needed to succeed, then it will be a waste of my time. Once that trust is broken it will never be recovered. Understood?"

Sarah spoke up. "Underst..."

Taavis held a hand up in her face, still looking at the teen. "Damian will answer." She brought her hand back and placed it on the table.

Damian got serious. "I will work hard on the courses, promise. I want to enter Starfleet with good review scores."

Moving her bowl away, Taavis slid the plate of pipius claw in front of her, closing a fist and doing a hammer blow to one of the Klingon crab legs. It split open with the impact, spattering a bit before she took it up with both hands and peeled open the hardened skin to get to the flesh within. "I agree to tutor you, Damian. One slip in effort, or show of disinterest, and the lessons will end immediately. No second chances. Vulcans do not coddle our young when they fail."

"I'll be there when you say, and not quit until you say," responded Damian.

"Then we have reached an accord," said Taavis, purposefully pulling a large chunk of white meat from a leg and popping it into her mouth.

Sarah stood up, looking quizzical at the behavior of the Vulcan before her. "Thank you, Lieutenant Taavis. Damian will begin his studies after you call us for the first lesson. Enjoy your meal and have a good day. Come on, Damian."

The young man stood up and grinned. "Good stuff, pipius claw. Not unlike a combination of Terran lobster and crab meat. Thanks for the opportunity, Miss Taavis." They turned and left her table.

Taavis watched their backs as the two of them disappeared into the rest of the foot traffic. Taking the time to finish her meal and cleaning her face and hands, Taavis went into the restroom and made sure to wash both thouroughly. With Shack around, anything out of place would be noticed, and that man had an eye for such things. He would tease her incessantly. The three years they had worked together at Utopia had been gratifying, and she had learned quickly to deflect his humor with a bit of her own. Jousters with snide comments and cynical sarcasm, but neither ever taking offense since they understood each other. The physical intimacy had been satisfying in the extreme, with the Human introducing her to pleasures she had never experienced before, and she did the same in turn for him. Vulcan neuro-pressure was intimate simply with how it worked, and that had led to physical, sexual gratification. After she had moved on Taavis had experimented with others, using the techniques learned from Shack, satisfying partners when the need for it arose. Leaving the restroom, Taavis clasped her hands behind her back and casually strode along the promenade.



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