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Posted on Thu Jan 19th, 2017 @ 10:44am by Commander L'Mina & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Delvaux

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: During shoreleave

L'Mina had reserved a holodeck for some hunting. She had been doing a lot of paperwork and she needed some stress relief. While she liked to be department head, the paperwork was something she didn't like all that much and she avoided it as much as possible. Unfortunately that meant that it would pile up and people would start asking for it and then there was no avoiding it. So she had just spend a full shift getting rid of it and now she needed to do something completely different.

As soon as she entered the holodeck and the program was loaded, she shed her clothes and looked around for the prey. A bit further she spotted a flock of Teporrs, a sort of flightless bird native to Cait. They were about 3-4 pounds and while ugly, they tasted great. She dropped down and started sneaking towards the birds.

Sarah had also been working quite hard to get some updates installed and it had taken longer than expected. She was walking past the holodecks when she noticed a hunting program which was not on private. That would be great fun, she thought. She quickly went back to her quarters to get her hunting rifle, a weapon she had made herself and she headed back.

L'Mina had sneaked closer and suddenly she charged. The Teporrs ran off in all directions, but she stayed with one and ran it down. This was her second one. It was great fun and she roared with pleasure. Then she heared a shot and another Teporr which had been a bit further went down. She looked up towards the origin of the sound to see someone with a rifle.

Sarah had entered the holodeck to see a big cat... Caitian, chasing some small birds. She waited until she had caught one and then she leveled her rifle towards another bird and shot at it, seeing it go down.

L'Mina walked towards the woman with the rifle, a young petty officer. Her tail was slowly moving and her ears were pointed towards the other person. She realised she had forgotten to set the program private and her clothes were behind the other person.

As the Caitian came closer, Sarah could see that she was completely naked, which was surprising. Also the fact that she didn't make any attempt to cover herself up. Now Sarah had no problem whatsoever with nudity, but she knew most people did.
"Sorry to interupt," she said, "but the program wasn't set to private. I'm Sarah Delvaux, engineer."

"L'Mina, chief helm," she replied, "and I know, I forgot to set it to private. You take the easy way to hunt?"

Sarah didn't know what to do. She was in the presence of a superior officer, but a naked one and that was a situation she hadn't found herself in yet.

"Well, sir," she said, "I don't have claws or anything, so I have to use something else. And this is a single shot rifle, so I can't just start shooting anything in sight."

"Maybe," L'Mina said, "you've been doing this for long?"

"Since I was quite young, sir" Sarah said, "I was on a lost colony and this was one of the ways we managed to get enough to eat. I was quite good at it."

L'Mina could see that, as she had shot the Teporr from quite a long way. It wasn't the Caitian way, but that didn't mean it was wrong. She was also surprised that the young woman seemed to have no issues with her being naked, but she decided to put on some clothes nevertheless.

"Do you always hunt naked, sir," Sarah asked.
"Mostly," L'Mina replied, "it's more fun to feel the wind in your fur and it's more natural. Now, let's get the Teporrs for some food."
"So that's what they are called," Sarah said, "they look ugly."
"They are," L'Mina said, "but they are quite tasty and the program is such that if you kill one, the meat is replicated in. It's not as good as real Teporr meat, but it's not bad either."

"Sounds like a good idea, sir," Sarah said, "have a hunt and then a barbeque."
"Actually I prefer them raw," L'Mina said, "it's much more tasty that way and a lot of humans put way too much spice on their food. I have a higher sense of smell and taste and this is not always a blessing."
"I can understand that," Sarah said, "but if I eat raw meat, I get sick and that's no fun at all."

"Logical," L'Mina said, "you want to stay, you can. I've had my fun and now it's time to get some sleep."
"Sure, thanks, sir," Sarah said. As L'Mina left, she looked at the strange birds and loaded another bullet in her rifle. This was going to be fun. It had been too long since she had hunted.


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