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Never Too Old to Learn

Posted on Tue Feb 28th, 2017 @ 5:43pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: USS Eclipse - Diplomatic Office
Timeline: Current


Cassandra was on a roll. She had a list of department heads she wanted to meet with before they set sail on their next mission and the new Acting Diplomatic Chief was next on the list. She walked up to the open door, knocked on the door jam and stuck her head in. Clearing her throat she said, "hey, Lieutenant. Got a second?"

Kirara was just checking her makeup and her uniform alterations when Cassandra popped her head in.

"Oh hi there..." She smiled. "How goes it?" She winks in her trademark friendly manner. "I guess this isn't just a visit to borrow a cup of sugar?"

Cassandra laughed as she walked in and plopped down in the chair across from Kirara's desk. "Do you have a cup of sugar?" she asked then shook her head. "Actually this is just a visit to see how things are going," she said. "I know how frustrating it can be to be thrown into the position of Chief when there wasn't anyone before you. When I came on board there hadn't been a Chief of Security so I had to make sense of the chaos in the department while figuring out who was who."

Kirara smiled back. "Well...I guess it would be kind of like that...but more of a ...I can't wait to get to some real efforts. At the moment, I'm just reading back logs - which while informative, can get kind of tiring..."

"Do you have any concerns about the new database?" Cassandra asked.

"Not as of yet... it seems mostly in order and logical. However, I feel I'll likely find more of the bugs of the system as I continue to use it over the next many months."

"So why Diplomatic Services?" Cassandra asked, wanting to get some insight into those she was working with.

Kirara's face showed the briefest flicker of pain. "Everyone on Earth has lost someone...someone because of conflicts. I am not a real fighter, but I wanted to do something to help make sure more children wouldn't have to cry in tragedy...that more parents wouldn't have to bury their children."

She shook her head. "Sorry...went dark there for a second. To make it short - I just want to make difference, to make the universe a bit safer for others."

Cassandra smiled. "Well I'm glad Starfleet has people like you. You fill in with tasks that people like me would otherwise fail at. I became a security officer because it rarely needs diplomacy...a skill I seriously lack. I am great at busting heads but lousy at sweet talking," she said with a laugh.

Kirara smirks. "I knew girls like that before.some of them were my best friends. As I hope you and I become. should meet my SO, HaruHaru..I know you'd like her.."

"I should. Maybe over dinner," Cassandra said. "And maybe you could give me some pointers in diplomacy. Looks like my head cracking days are over now that I'm an XO."

She smiles and nods. "Sounds like a date! Just let me know when.... HaruHaru would love to meet you. As for diplomacy hints, I recommend pretending the really annoying people are smurfs, that helps me to lose my anger quickly." She chuckles.

Cassandra laughed, already picturing a couple of people as smurfs. "Thanks. I will do that," she said, still laughing as she got to her feet. "On that note I will let you get back to work," she said and made her exit...her laugh echoing down the corridor.


CMDR Cassandra Quinn
USS Eclipse


Junior Lieutenant Amanogawa Kirara
Chief Diplomacy Officer
USS Eclipse


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