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Hit that ball

Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 2:59pm by Commander L'Mina & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: somewhere in the shoreleave (backpost)

L'Mina had finally finished all the crew evaluations and she was ready for some relaxation. As she had been sitting almost her entire shift, she needed to move around a bit. After a quick stop in her quarters to get out of uniform and into her sports outfit. She also grabbed her racket as she always had a distrust of the holographic ones.

Kirara had been out returning some database files back, having finished going through them. She really wanted something to get her mind off of all the reading - and HaruHaru was too tired at the moment.

"Oh, good morning, lieutenant," L'Mina said. She had seen the new diplomatic officer at the big gala, but not after as she had been busy with a lot of things herself.

"I'm off to play some racquetball on the holodeck," she continued, "after a full shift sitting down doing crew evals I need to move around a bit."

Kirara smiled. "Hmm...sounds nice. Do you have a partner yet? If not, I'd love to join you for a few rounds!" :)

"Sure, you're welcome," L'Mina said, "I'm in holodeck 3. It's more fun playing against a person than a hologram."

Kirara nodded. "Sounds great...see you there in a few..." She smiled and scooted off.

L'Mina went to the holodeck to start it up and do a bit of warm-up before the diplomatic officer would be back.

It wasn't long before Kirara arrived in a very short cut pair of short and a lovely tank top...both of which were stylish and showed off her model figure. "Ready to go, L'Mina?" She grinned.

"I was born ready," L'Mina said, "and I have to warn you, I have very good eye-hand coordination. Nice outfit by the way. I bit what I wear when I'm climbing or hunting, if I'm not going naked."

Kirara smirked and laughed. "That would sound fun to see, though I would likely get killed if I did look."

She then got into position. "Let's see who's the faster mover?" She winked again.

L'Mina knew she was that person, although she also knew that she lacked the stamina to keep it up for very long. Caitians were sprinters, not marathon runners.
"Okay, let's see," she said, launching the ball against the wall, not with a lot of speed, but with effect.

Kirara moved fast... L'Mina was fast and accurate...but Kirara was hoping she could outlast her in endurance. She hit the ball back and waited for the next rebound. One thing for sure - this was going to be fun!

"Nice one," L'Mina said as she hit the ball back, now with more force and still with effect, hitting in the corner of the room so the rebound was off.

Kirara moved out...and began to deflect it back towards the wall, making sure it sped back towards L'Mina's area.

They continued to play, each scoring points. L'Mina took an early lead, but lost most of it when the match dragged on.

Even Kirara was soon tiring out...and she collapsed finally on a bench. "Whew...that was fun..." She winked at L'Mina. "I hope to take you on again soon."

"Sure, lieutenant," L'Mina said, trying to maintain her cool, although she was panting, "I'll have to train a bit though."

Junior Lieutenant Amanogawa Kirara
Assistant Diplomatic Officer
USS Eclipse

Lt. cmdr. L'Mina
Chief helm
USS Eclipse


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