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Another step completed

Posted on Mon Feb 13th, 2017 @ 12:34pm by Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: engineering
Timeline: current


Byrnes, in his EVA suit, stood with boots attached to the outer hull plating as he watched two massive robotic arms begin to bring in the third warp nacelle and its pylon. Main engineering had been refitted to accommadate the new warp engine, and now it was time to attach it. All the hull plating along the secondary hull's spine had been removed so that the new nacelle pylon could be fitted into place before all these engineers jumped to and locked it down.

Like a behemoth from a Moby Dick novel the warp nacelle and its supporting pylon were now ready to be placed. Engineers stepped in all around as it seated, a micron at a time, to make sure the personnel could scan the fittings and brackets to ensure connection and placement. For over an hour they toiled and sent data back to the crane operator, and when the pylon seated correctly for the first time there was a collective sigh heard over the comms, not to mention a few whoops.

"Alright, people, step in and lock it down," ordered Byrnes, taking a few steps back to get out of the way.

Engineers began to crawl down inside the internal accessways while others brought the hull plates back over to be reapplied after being cut to size. They all knew their jobs and did them smoothly and by the book.

Mazzeo turned and looked back. "She's locked down, Sir. Continuing forward with refit."

"Thanks Ensign Mazzeo," responded Shack, looking at the Italian gal's face through the visor and with the lighting provided. "Permission to continue, confirmed."

Mazzeo gave a nod and turned back to her work.

"Security to Lt. Byrnes."

Bringing his arm up Shack tapped a key to make it a Security only chat. "Byrnes here, what is it?"

"We have guests in the brig, Sir," came the stern male voice, which sounded irritated by the situation.

Byrnes grinned to himself. "How can we have guests in the brig when we're in drydock?"

"Some crew party a little too hard, sir."

"Ahhh," added Byrnes. "I see. Note name, rank, and department and send that information on. Release them. A dose of sobriety pills each. Byrnes out." He tapped that channel off and went back to the engineering chatter. They were looking at another 18 hours of connect time, but if done according to plan then it would be well on its way to being another part of the ship.


Lt. Sean "Shack" Byrnes
USS Eclipse


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