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Free time

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 12:55am by Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Intel
Timeline: current


Taavis, having spent weeks with her personnel in Intel getting the department in order, was now sitting in her office, lights down, watching a personal log of an encounter with a species just outside Wild Space, and not within any governments territory. And, a species that would fight off any said claim to such.

Billi, having logged the day's data of Intel incoming from Starfleet, stood up and stretched her green, languid body. Being an Orion she was always accutely aware of her appearance, so in her pursuit of perfection she always chose the approved Starfleet uniforms that would form fit and look damn good when in them. Spinning on her heel she noted the illicit illumination from the office of the Chief. Slinking forward she peeked into the office seeing Taavis rubbing her chin as she watched a video. It was choral toning, not singing, and the species she could barely make out from her position, had a Lavender purple skin tone as they danced and feasted. Billi, feeling kind of bad for eavesdropping, knocked on the doorjam.

Taavis, lost in the video, was startled by the doorjam knock. Despite her training on Vulcan, she felt herself jump. Sighing with frustration she looked to the doorway, barely able to make out Ensign Billi's face with the doused lighting in Intel. "Come in, Ensign."

Billi entered the office, motioning toward the holographic vid screen, now paused, floating in the air. "That looks interesting. Anyway, I am done logging Starfleet Intel updates."

"Thank you, Ensign," replied Taavis. Noting her subordinate, and the body language presented, Taavis could see the Orion was actually interested in what was on the screen she had paused. "Would you like to see the Puazi (pwah-zee)? They are the kindest, most honest people I have ever met. But, the kindness only refers to tribe, beyond that there is no sin in killing or robbing those outside of it."

"Sounds like home," said Billi with a smile. "Orions, we females tend to always compete. Clan first, everything else is secondary."

Taavis gave a nod, then motioned to the screen, which she turned so they both could observe comfortably. "This is an interview with Niraasha Whisperwind. I narrate and interpret, with video images in the background to show what she is talking about. I'll overlook any tardiness to Intel if you choose to watch this with me. It is hours long."

Billi smiled at her boss. "Let's do this. These Puazi are an interesting lot."

Tapping a few keys Taavis brought up her own documentary.


Interview with Niraasha Whisperwind, who I refer to as Nira. Her words, my interpretations. (Video collboration)

"To celebrate each noted event, a feast and dance would be given. Perhaps only our own people, perhaps neighboring tribes, would be invited. These festivities usually lasted about four days. (Footnote: Their days are 30 hours long). By day we feasted, by night under the direction of some chief, we danced. The music for our dance was singing led by warriors, and accompanied by beating the drum. No words were sung--only the tones. When the feasting and dancing were over we would have horse races, foot races, wrestling, jumping, and all sorts of games."

Billi was enthralled, watching these supposedly primitive people act far more civilized than most governments in this galaxy. When the video was paused Billi looked over. "May I access the rest?"

Taavis gave a nod. "Of course, Ensign. Anthropology will make an Intel agent that much better. To be able to read cultural norms, to blend in, is essential."

Billi slapped Taavis on the shoulder and smiled. "Exactly." She spun and left the office.

Watching the Orion leave, Taavis had to admit to herself that the woman was a distraction. Using hand motions to bring down and trash the current screen, the Vulcan brought up another, a dossier and personnel file on one Orion Intel officer.


OOC: please do not make Billi a PC or NPC. Trying to decide if I want to do that myself. Thank you. :)


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