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Day to Day

Posted on Tue Mar 7th, 2017 @ 10:23am by Commander Vilic Long & Lieutenant Oliver & Vice Admiral Christian Barns

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Starbase
Timeline: MD 16 11:00


Admiral Barns was in the phaser training room of the starbase and he was wearing training shirt and shorts. He would train in his uniform as well, but wanted to fine tune his aim. The simulation started. Christian fired and hit the carious targets and did very well as a result. His experience as a security officer all the way to the rank of Commander did him a lot of good. It was also a good way to be able to release his frustration, but he also did an areobic fighting plan, it was a bit violent, but he felt better from it. He heard the door open and saw Commander Vilic Long enter the arena.

Admiral Barns asked, "What can I do for you, Commander?"

Commander Long answered, "I just wanted to inform you that Captain Rol is stating that things are going well on the Eclipse, Captain Griffin, is needing more engineering officers for the USS Chesty Puller and Colonel Green would like to take his ship out as well."

Admiral Barns said, "I see, well, find some starbase engineering officers to assist him and lets give the Puller priority on getting ready to depart. Also let Commander Teal know that I want to take the Lexington out for a patrol in three days."

Commander Vilic answered, "Will do, sir."

Admiral Barns said, "I will be done in an hour, Commander and in operations."

Commander Long acknowledged that and left.

-1 hour later-

Christian walked in operations and went to a panel and over the intercomm said, "Lieutenant Oliver, let's get some engineers over to the USS Chesty Puller to assist Captain Griffin with readiness.

Lieutenant Oliver answered, "Aye, sir."

Lieutenant Oliver went and gathered Alpha team. He had three teams, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.

Oliver said, "We are to get the USS Chesty Puller up and running. The last test the ship didn't accelerate as it should have. The engineers graped their gear and they went to ship. Oliver went to meet with Captain Griffin.

Admiral Barns then went over and coordinated ships docked at the starbase for the next few days. It had to be carefully worked out with the ships that the starbase was home to and the ships that needed repair and re-supplying. He worked with Commander Long to make sure that there was plenty of room. The Lexington and the Yorktown had to be moved outside of the space dock. He ordered that the two ships just do orbits around the space station. The ships docking were the USS Hody a Sabre class and the USS Greenly a Defiant class were in combat and needed repairs to be done.

Starbase 55 had a enough space for them and the USS Chesty Puller and the USS Zeus. Admiral Barns spoke with the Captain's of both Hody and the Greenly on docked the ships and Admiral Barns got the ships what they needed. The privledges of being the Harbor Master allowed him to board and tour each vessel, which Christian liked to do. He personally wanted to be at the helm of a Defiant Class and see what the ship could do. The resupply was easy, but the repairs took some time, but the ships were ready within three days.

Rear-Admiral Christian Barns
Harbor Master


Commander Vilic Long
Assistant Harbor Master


Lieutenant Oliver
Chief Engineering Officer


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