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Loose ends

Posted on Mon Mar 13th, 2017 @ 10:31pm by Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Romulus
Timeline: current


Centurion Rekar stood at his console on Romulus, keeping track of the USS Eclipse for his masters in the Tal Shiar. He had been on duty for over 24 hours now, not unheard of for an officer looking to advance his position and rank. A sub-lieutenant came over and leaned in, speaking quietly. "Centurion, I thought it prudent to provide you with information."

Rekar, not one to banter semantics, looked over at the younger officer. "To what do you refer?"

The SL had that look of arrogance so often found in the youngsters of this era. "Eclipse is an interesting vessel. A Galaxy-class Dreadnought. However, that is secondary to her crew. One Lieutenant JG Taavis serves aboard that ship. Someone I believe you know?"

Reading from a screen Rekar did not react at the information provided, and still kept his stoic expression when he looked over once again. "I do know her. She is my half-breed daughter. Who is receiving this information?"

The SL looked surprised by the query at the end. "Who one, Sir."

Rekar turned sideway, facing the SL full on, drawing his disruptor. "Sub-lieutenant, you are in violation of several statutes. Seeing as how I am a Centurion in the Tal Shiar I will alleviate myself, and the Empire, of your presence. Some information should never be voiced." With that said he leveled the sidearm and fired, hitting the sub-lieutenant in the center of his torso. When the younger male went down, coughing and hacking in his death throes, Rekar fired into his body several more time. "Another loose end tied off," he said casually as he holstered his weapon and began to clean up the mess. After which, he sent a report to the Tal Shiar on what he had done and the activities that led to it. Feeling secure in his decision, his mind on his daughter, Rekar continued to monitor his post.



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