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Getting to know you, Commander

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 7:50pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Backpost-MD 0 16:00


After having arrived at the USS Eclipse, Commander Patton had found his quarters, and after unpacking and a quick shower ( real water, too! ) he had been informed that Admiral Barks requested that they meet in the ship's ' Ready Room. '

Checking to see that his uniform was 'correct,' Cmdr. Patton hurried down the various corridors and soon found himself in front of the Ready Room. He tapped the room's buzzer.

Admiral Barks said, "Enter please." He stood up, which he does for everyone that comes in.

Patton made sure he was standing straight, and entered. Approaching the Admiral, Patton spoke. " Cap..Commander Robert Patton, sir, reporting for duty, sir."

"Good Afternoon, Commander. How are you doing? Can I get you anything to drink?" asked the Admiral.

Patton relaxed a bit. " Coffee would be fine, sir. May I take a seat?"

Chris ordered the coffee and gave it to the Commander and said, Please do have a seat."

Robert sat down and took a sip. " It's a good looking ship, Admiral. Glad to be here."

"Glad to have you here, Commander, I take it from your past that you are bridge certified?" Admiral Barks asked.

Patton's head *almost* snapped back on that, but he quickly recovered. " Why..yes, Admiral... I certainly hope so.."

"Great! So here is what we will do. You will take the third shift from 01:00-07:00 and I will relieve you. Does that work for you?"

Patton started to smile, then stopped. " It *would* work for me Admiral, but are you sure you'd want me to? The *last* time I sat in the ' Center Seat ' I saved lives but ended up one remark away from losing my career, and pension."

Admiral Barks answered, "I know about your error, Commander, but I believe in second chances, I want to give you the chance. Are you okay with that?"

Patton slightly smiled. " I...have to admit it would be nice to sit in the ' Center Seat ' once again..." Patton straightened. " I can do it, sir."

Chris said, "Okay, good, then you have gamma shift. Your assistant Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa can cover the diplomatic department when you are resting. I have every faith in her."

Patton nodded his head in affirmation. " As do I. Just one last question. While I am up on the Bridge, in the event of an ' Red Alert.. '

"If you are in command then take charge, if you are the senior officer on the deck then take command. Does answer your question?" Chris asked

" Yes sir. " Patton replied.

"Do you have any other questions for me, Commander?" Chris asked.

" None that I can think of at this time, Admiral. "

"Very well, dismissed. Admiral Barks said

Commander Patton saluted the Admiral and hurried back to his quarters to do a bit of 'brushing up.'


Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


Cmdr Robert S. Patton
Chief of Diplomatic Services
USS Eclipse


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