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Change in position

Posted on Thu Mar 16th, 2017 @ 3:18pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 2 08:00


The new Ensign on board, Chris wanted to do something for Lieutenant Taavis. He tapped his combadge and said, "Lieutenant Taavis, please report to the Admiral's ready room."

Taavis, sitting at her desk in Intel heard the call, responding promptly. "On my way, Sir." Standing and leaving Intel, Taavis made her way to the bridge and went directly to the ready room, hands clasped behind her back after hitting the chime.

"Come in." Admiral Barks said after hearing the chime to enter.

Striding into the ready room Taavis came to stand before the Admiral's desk. "Good day, Sir. Reporting as ordered."

Admiral Barks said, "Thank you for coming quickly, Lieutenant. I see that you have a new intell officer and have met with her. She seems very competent. What are your thoughts?"

"Ensign Billi is a good officer, Sir." Taavis stated. "As an Orion she could prove useful in many situations, what with her knowledge of the underworld and black markets. Sent into the field no one would assume she was Starfleet since very few Orions have ever served."

Chris smiled and said, "This is true. I am going to make you Chief Intell officer instead of Acting Chief, if you want that, Lieutenant."

Taavis was proud to hear those words, obviously having done her duty enough to impress command. "I will readily accept, Admiral."

Admiral Barks responded with, "Glad to hear it. I'll be keeping up on you, typically I like to have my department heads with the rank of full Lieutenant, so if you impress me, you will get promoted quickly, to match that."

"That is agreeable, Admiral," said Taavis. "Promotions are a welcome event, but I would perform my duties accordingly, despite my rank." She thought about their upcoming mission. "I am to understand we will be heading to Romulus. As my personnel file states I am half Romulan, Sir. If my knowledge with that part of my lineage is needed do not hesitate to ask."

Admiral Barks responded, "You are coming on the away mission, Lieutenant, because of that and I need you near me."

Taavis gave a nod. "Very well, Admiral. Rihannsu...excuse me, Romulans, tend to be difficult to negotiate with." A brief thought about her leg tattoo ran through her mind, the script there saying 'black cat' in Romulan. Oh well, it's who she was. "Make sure that they 'save face' when speaking to you and others, and all will go as smoothly as possible."

"Very well, Lieutenant. I will be calling a briefing tomorrow for the away team." The Admiral stated.

"Excellent," said Taavis. "I have sent datafiles on Romulan beliefs and culture to all relevant departments, Sir."

Admiral Barks said, "Good to know, Lieutenant."

"With Romulans," explained Taavis. "We all need to be prepared and keep up our perception."

Admiral Barks smiled and said, "Very true, Lieutenant."

Taavis was impressed with her new posting, finding the ship and crew agreeable. "I will go gather an Intel PADD for the meeting, Sir. After the Dominion war and then the Shinzon incident, I can only hope that the Romulan people are a little more receptive than in the past."

Chris thought for a moment and said, "I hope so as well, Lieutenant. I look forward to seeing what you have."

Taavis let her pose relax somewhat, her hands unclasping behind her and falling to her sides. "And I look forward to a successful diplomatic mission, Admiral. With your permission I shall go prepare for the meeting."

Chris answered, "Go ahead, Lieutenant. I look forward to the mission with you as well."

All pleasantries given, Taavis turned and left the ready room, heading for the lift.

Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant JG Taavis
Chief Intel Officer/Science Officer
USS Eclipse


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