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Away team briefing

Posted on Sun Mar 19th, 2017 @ 9:12pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D. & Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Briefing Room Deck 1
Timeline: MD 3 08:00


Admiral Barks had called the away team for a briefing for tomorrow's mission. He needed to make sure that they were up to date on everything and ready to go.

Shack entered the briefing room, going to a chair mid-table and near to the door. "Hello, Sir." He sat down.

Having received word of the meeting, Taavis came in and saw the two men, nodding to them, then took a seat one chair closer to the Admiral, but next to her friend Shack. "Greetings to you both." She placed her PADD on the table before her.

Nikki walked in with a hypospray in her hand. She walked over to Shack and said, "roll up your sleeve," and when he did she injected a small time released capsule under the skin of his forearm then removed the hypospray and spun it around her finger as if it were an old west six shooter then dropped it into the pocket of her labcoat. Smiling she took her seat.

Chris looked over and asked, "Do I get one, Doctor? What was that?"

Shack cracked a smile while he rolled down his sleeve. "Yeah, Doc, what the hell is that? Did my rabies come back?" He chuckled.

"You already got yours, Admiral," Nikki said to Barks and to Shack she said, "I call it the OPB cocktail."

Patton came into the briefing room and approached the Admiral.. " This seat spoken for, sir?"

Admiral Barks jestured to the chair and said, "Please have a seat, Commander."

Nikki smiled upon seeing Patton enter the room. She stood up and walked around the table. "Roll up your sleeve, please, sir," she said to Robert as she readied another vial into the hypospray she had removed from her other pocket. Once the Commander complied she gave him his injection, pocketed the now empty vial and instrument and returned to her seat.

Patton looked at injection site, then back at the Admiral, then just slightly smiled and sat back in his seat.

"Gotcha," said Shack. He figured the 'O' in OPB stood for Orion, and all the males who could be affected were being vaccinated.

Kirara came in and saw Patton...she approached him and smiled warmly. "Greetings Sir...I'm Junior Lieutenant Amanogawa Kirara. I'm your assistant in the Diplomatic office. I look forward to serving with you!" She salutes him in a friendly manner.

Patton returned her salute then said to her, " Welcome aboard, Lieutenant..."

Kirara nodded and took a seat...looking up at the briefing screen in expectation.

Cassandra was the last person to arrive. "Sorry I'm late," she said as she took her seat and looked around at everyone.

Admiral Barks said, "Glad you could make it, Commander."

Taavis nodded to the Executive Officer when she came in, sitting quietly as she contemplated what the meat of this diplomatic mission was.

"Exec," said Shack, nodding at Quinn in greeting.

Patton waited for the briefing to begin. Thoughts went through his mind. " Lord, everyone here is* so young.* I should be home with my feet up....Well, once more into the breech, they say..." Patton then got back to the meeting.

Kitsuneno Akane soon arrived...and quickly bowed to the Admiral before taking her seat promptly....waiting for the briefing to start with a small smile.

Admiral Barks said, "Let's get started, we are going to meet with a Romulan delegation on the planet to work out a trade negation to allow medical and supply ships through the neutral zone and to Romulus. This won't be easy as the Romulans haven't always trusted us or us them. Discussion."

Cassandra frowned as she looked over at the Admiral. "Delegation? What kind of a delegation, sir?" she asked.

Taavis arched and eyebrow, leaning forward to place her forearms on the table. She said nothing, but what they were going to be walking into once on Romulus would require all to attentive and focused.

Byrnes almost spoke, but when Quinn had asked her questions they were along the same lines as his own queries, so he too remained silent at the moment.

Admiral Barks answered, "It will be a Romulian Pro-Council with his top advisory and a Romulain Admiral. They will have security of course, but those are the ones we will be negotiating with."

Patton spoke up. " Admiral, do we know whom these medical are to be used on?"

Admiral Barks answered, "These medical supplies will be used by all the Romulans primary the Senate was when the senate was murdered by Shinzon it left residuals in the atmosphere."

Patton sat back in his seat. " It left 'residuals' in the atmosphere, but will be used Primarily by and for the Romulan Senate. " Patton looked around the table.

"So let me get this straight," Cassandra said, sitting up and folding her arms on the table. "After a gazillion years, the Romulans suddenly have need of supplies only available on our side of the NZ and they come with hat in hand to propose a cease fire so they can waltz across the NZ any time they want?"

"No, Commander it is for the Federation to cross the border not for the Romulians to cross." Admiral Barks restated.

"Are things really getting that sparse in their territory?" Nikki, who usually was silent during these briefings, asked.

Patton sat and remained silent. " We land on their planet, if we 'goof,' they've got us - the Federation over an barrel. What next ?" He thought to himself.

Byrnes heard Patton's little moment of reflection. "I agree with Patton. By and for the senate, not for everyone? Excuse my language everyone, but, fuck that!"

Kirara nodded. "I want to see a peaceful settlement to much as anyone... But considering past events, they have clearly shown no level of trickery is too low for their standards..if they get the jobs done"

Taavis raised her hands up, letting everyone see them and settle. Once they quieted she spoke. "If we fold, we lose. If we show weakness, we lose. If we cannot respect an enemy, we lose." She looked directly at the Admiral. "Remember. Hate is something they readily accept, love is unreasonable, and can fail. Be suave and swagger, Sir, but keep it respectful. Simple."

Akane nodded in agreement with Taavis. "Yes... we need to be seen as being 'the better party' If we become too disrespectfully, they will only use our words and actions against us in future parlays."

Admiral Barks said, "Okay, here is what we will do. Lieutenant Byrns will go down as visibly armed security everyone except myself will have a concealed phaser. Thoughts on that?"

Kitsune said "I would prefer not to carry a phaser be honest.. I am worried. If we SAY we are unarmed...and go down secretly unarmed and search us...they will say we were dishonest about our diplomatic treaties to begin with."

"Sounds good to me, Sir." Shack gave a nod of agreement. "I have no problem playing scapegoat if it keeps a few Romulans focused on me, instead of the whole party."

Patton slightly smiled. " Has anyone here actually *been* on this planet's surface? "

"Yes," responded Taavis. "I have been here many times. The how and why I cannot discuss." Pausing a moment she went on. "Plus, I have family here. Sisters in Family Tovan."

Patton looked at Taavis. " I wasn't trying to pry, I'm just wondering if the weather there matches that of the planet Vulcan?"

Kirara looked over at Taavis and spoke respectively. "Do you think there is any chance that they may be among the Diplomatic party waiting to meet us there?"

Taavis looked at Kirara first. "If they know I am coming, which I am sure they do, then yes. My older sister, a pure Romulan half sister, was a Commander, then retired her military career and joined the senate." Looking to the Diplomatic Chief. "Mister Patton, you did not pry, I offered. As for weather, this is a world more like Earth, not Vulcan. I am quite fond of Romulan seafood, some of the best I have ever tasted."

Patton looked at Taavis. " I don't recall ever meeting with an 'old' Romulan, this visit promises to be even more interesting now." Patton then thought of the seafood. " Perhaps we'll have time to try their food as well?" He looked at the Admiral.

Admiral Barks then said, "Then we have some local cuisine that we have to try."

Kirara grins. "It's been a while since I've had fresh fish...I wonder how they prepare it here?"

Cassandra shook her head. "Admiral...I would like to go on record as saying I think it unwise that you accompany the team to the planet," she said. "CDR Patton and Lt. Taavis seem more than capable of handling negotiations."

Patton shook his head. " Commander Quinn, while I agree with you in principle, *if* the Admiral does not attend the Romulans may think of it as an affront to them."

Admiral Barks said, "I have to go as the commanding officer of the ship. The transporter will keep a constant lock on us, but I have to attend."

Kirara sighs. "As it is... they kind of are playing a tough game of 'dare or nothing'. We can either choose to trust them and try to make some headway, which is after all the whole reason we're here, at the time exposing our most senior officers to death or ransom capture. Or alternatively, we can go for the safest route for us, though it would mean openly state we don't trust them, which will set back negotiations 20 years. It's not like we can say 'We'll send our people down to negotiate if we can point a plasma cannon at your planet first...'" Kirara paused and scratched her head. "Sorry...a bit long winded...but at the point in time, it seems - if we want to make head way...we have to take this risk."

Patton spoke up. " Admiral, since we're the ones that are making the first move, it *might* be good to arrive there in
'style,' in our dress uniforms."

Admiral Barks, "I agree, Commander, everyone report to transporter room 1 at 08:00 in full dress uniform."

"Full dress....," Nikki began to say. She hadn't worn her dress uniform since her wedding day. She doubted it still fit. Shaking her head she got up from her seat.

"Is there a problem, Doctor?" Cassandra asked.

Nikki gave the XO a sheepish half smile and shook her head. "Nothing a corset wouldn't cure," she said, quietly, as she walked past the XO.

Cassandra smiled and nodded, understandingly. "You can always have the Supply Chief replicate you a new one," she whispered, just loud enough for Nikki to hear.

"Thanks, Commander," Nikki whispered back and left the room.

Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse

CDR Robert S> Patton
Second Officer/Chief of Diplomatic Services
USS Eclipse


Dr. Nicole Redex
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Lt. (jg) Taavis
Intel Chief
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Lieutenant Sean "Shack" Byrnes
Asst. CEO/asst. Sec Chief
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Lieutenant Commander Dr Akane Kitsune
Chief Counsellor
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Junior Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa
Assistant Diplomatic Officer
USS Eclipse


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