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Blocking the hormones

Posted on Thu Mar 16th, 2017 @ 5:34pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Back-post MD 0 16:00


Admiral Barks heard about the arrival of an Orion female and he needed not to be distracted by her hormones and walked in looking for the Chief Medical officer.

"She's in the lab," a nurse informed him. "Have a seat in her office and I'll go get her."

Admiral Barks said, "Thank you." He took a seat

A few minutes later, Nikki walked into her office and smiled at the Admiral. "Hello, Chris. What can I do for you?" she asked.

Chris said, "An Orion female is going to be reporting aboard. I know that Orion females make Human males weak and vulnerable to their charm, I need something to prevent that, Nikki."

Nikki poured herself a cup of coffee from the carafe on her credenza and looked back, holding the carafe up in question as she said, "I'm already a step ahead of you, Chris."

Chris answered surprisingly, "Oh, Doctor, how so?

"The lab is working on creating a...shall we call it an immunization...for all of the males on board," Nikki said. "Once I heard that we were getting an Orion female I did some research and found that a cocktail of Dylovene and extract from the hytritium plant has been successfully used as an Orion pheromone blocker. It even works on Vulcan males nearing or just coming out of Pan Far when they are the most susceptible. It does, however, have no effect on Klingon males under the age of 21, Cardassian males over the age of 70 or Andorian males of any age."

"I see, very good. What about females, don't they get headaches when they are near an Orion female for too long?" Chris asked.

"They can," Nikki answered. "But nothing as severe as a migraine. Besides," she said, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, "we women are used to getting headaches. Men give them to us all the time."

A lab tech walked up to the open door of the office and cleared his throat. "Dr. Redex....I was told to bring this to you and to report that there is enough for the entire male crew," he said, holding out the large iced down container.

Nikki smiled. "That was fast," she said. "Go ahead and give that to Susan. She's organizing the immunization. Wait. Let me get one," she said, hurrying over to the lab tech. When the tech set the container down and opened it, Nikki removed a vial. "Thanks," she said and as the tech left Nikki walked over to the cabinet behind her desk and took out a hypospray. Loading the instrument with the vial she walked over to the Admiral and said, "sleeve," and injected him with the cocktail.

Chris looks up after the hypo and asks, "What is this cocktail consist of?"

Nikki rolled her eyes as she disposed of the vial. "Why is it that men never listen?" she said, shaking her head. "Dylovene and hytritium extract," she repeated. "You will not even feel the effects of the cocktail. Now...unless you have something else you wanted to talk about...I have a ship full of other typical males that need to be immunized," she said with a smirk.

"Oh excuse me, doctor." Chris said.

Nikki reached down and took his hand. Pulling him up from his seat she smiled. "Come on. You can be my assistant. Then you can buy me dinner," she said, teasingly.

Chris smiled and said jokingly, "Your assistant, surly you have a Nurse here to do that, Nikki."

"I have several," Nikki said, with a smirk. "Are you saying you decline?" she asked.

Chris smiled and said, "No, what do you need me to do?"

Nikki crooked her finger to him as she left her office and went over to the nurses' station. "Do you have the list of our immunization candidates?" she asked Susan who handed her the PADD.

"I started with the Bridge officers," Susan explained how she had prioritized the list.

"Good. Start calling the names in," Nikki said, handing the list to Chris. "You can play secretary. Oh....and catch the ones that faint," she added with a wink.

Chris laughed and said, "Okay, will do.

Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


Dr. Nicole Redex
USS Eclipse


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