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Here and there

Posted on Tue Mar 14th, 2017 @ 5:09pm by Lieutenant Billi

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: personal quarters
Timeline: current/somewhere in-between



Billi was stoked, a smile on her face the entire way back to her quarters. Her happiness was so intense that she did not notice the looks, grins, and smiles from male crew members while she traversed the corridors. The Admiral had assigned her to the bridge (JP with Admiral forthcoming) while the away team was off the ship. Again, she did worry a bit about her pheromones, that maybe they had affected the Admiral so he had been gracious to her for that very reason. Yes, normally she would be glad for that, but not this time. Shaking off that thought as she stepped into her quarters, Billi was pretty sure that the Admiral was a man with the willpower to stave off the affects, and since their meeting had been somewhat brief then the cumulative affect of her chemistry should have been minimal. It worried her right up until the moment he stated that he had an inhibitor injected into his system. She had been so relieved by that news. She had to admit that the Admiral wasn't bad to look at, either, and if not Starfleet herself she would definitely hook the man with her pheromones just to have some fun. But, he was the CO and she needed to tread carefully with all that.


Sitting in her quarters, leaning back into a corner of her sofa, Billi sipped some Gorn Meridor and had her feet up on the coffee table, crossed at the ankles with boots off. She wiggled her toes and simply relaxed, jamming some Earth music she really liked, loud as always. In This Moment was jamming their song "Whore", which Billi had instantly fell in love with the first time she heard it. It was as if Maria Brink had met Orions and knew exactly how they operated. She giggled to herself at the memory, remembering the karaoke nights at the clubs around the Academy, with her singing all seductive and doing some Orion belly dancing while doing so. Good times.

Finishing her one glass of the blue liquor Billi set the glass on the table and got up. The Gorn did brew the finest Meridor, and while on Starbase 55, before coming aboard, Billi had made sure that her private cargo capacity on the Eclipse was filled with nothing but quality, real, booze. To blazes with synthehol, which she found to be disgusting. When guests stopped by her quarters for a drink they would get quality, not quantity. Putting her boots back on Billi grabbed her blouse and put it on over her grey mock-neck shirt, adjusting and primping herself. Ready for duty she left her cabin and headed down the corridor.



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