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Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 7:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & Captain Cassandra Quinn

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Timeline: MD 1 17:00


Cassandra was ready for the day to be over. Pulling double duty as head of security and XO was starting to take its toll. She was hoping things would level out at some point and she would get into a groove but just when stuff seemed to smooth out something would break the routine. This morning it had been an issue with a couple of the Air Wing pilots getting into a knock down drag out over a fighter...of all things. A woman she could understand but to become possessive of a piece of machinery? She didn't get it.

She had one more thing to take care of before she went home to take a quick nap so she wasn't dragging when she reported for her shift on the bridge. She tapped her combadge and said, "Lt. Coffee...please report to the sec/tac office."

Lori heard the call and was in her quarters, she said, "On my way, Commander." She found the office and rang the chime.

"Door's open," Cassandra called out from her desk in the back office.

Lori walked in and stood at attention and said, "Lieutenant Lori Coffee reporting as ordered, Commander!"

"Relax, Lori," Cassandra said with a grin. "Have a seat. It eval time."

"You say relax and then tell me eval time, how can not be nervous?" Lori replied.

Cassandra chuckled. "Good point," she said. "So how do you think you are doing?" she asked, leaning back in her chair and clasping her hands across her stomach.

Lori replied, "I think pretty, well. I was acting chief in the department and now I am just a tactical officer and my friend Miral Casano is a Lieutenant Commander and me a mere Lieutenant Junior Grade. So not too well, Commander." She said with a attitude showing obvious annoyance at the situation.

Cassandra smirked to herself as she picked up a PADD with Lori's performance record on it. "Hmmm...," she said as she looked at it. "I see that you only scored 499.5 on your weapons quals," she said. The maximun score on a Starfleet firing range is 250 for a type 3 phaser pistol and 250 for a type 4 rifle. "Seriously? Minus a half a point on your rifle quals?" she taunted. "Shame on you. Lieutenant." She reached in the drawer and removed two small boxes and said, "heads up," and tossed them at Lori. One held an Expert badge for sidearm and the other was an Expert badge for rifle.

Lori caught them and said, "Thank you, Commander."

OK. Let's see. Two minutes late coming back from lunch two days in the last 24 months," Cassandra said, looking down at the PADD again. Shaking her head she said, "really? Twice? In 2 years? Oh....and you forgot my coffee last week," she added, trying to sound stern. "That's worth at least 50 points off."

"Come on, Commander you are being harsh!" Lori exclaimed.

Shaking her head, Cassandra said, "I don't know about you Coffee. Wait....what's this?" she said, looking in the open drawer. "Oops....damn!" she swore as she fumbled the box across her desk and it landed in Lori's lap. The box had Lori's name on it and inside was her new pips.

Lori caught the second box and opened it and saw the pip.

"Congratulations, L.T.," Cassandra said. "You are now the Assistant Chief of Security."

Lori said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that, Ma'Am, thank you. What about Lieutenant Byrnes?"

"He will be the new CoS as soon as he gets back from Romulus," Cassandra said, getting to her feet. "Again....congratulations. You have earned it," she said, holding her hand out across the desk.

Lori was still shocked and said, "Thank you, Commander.


CMDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant Lori Coffee
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security officer
USS Eclipse


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