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Command Change

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 2:47pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Captain Cassandra Quinn

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Back post 2 18:30


Admiral Barks called in Commanders Quinn and Patton into his ready room. He had something important to discuss regarding the command structure of the ship before beaming down to the planet.

Cassandra had been leaning against the railing behind the command chair and telling a joke. She told the punchline just as the Admiral called her to his Ready Room. Leaving several crew members laughing, she sashayed through the door and said, "yes, sir?"

Robert followed Commander Quinn into the room, wondering what the discussion was to be about.

Admiral Barks saw the two officers and said, "Good Evening. I have called you both here for a particular reason. There are going to be some changes on the ship. First, Commander Quinn, I am removing you as Chief Security and Tactical officer. Lieutenant Byrnes will be your replacement. You are going to be strictly filling the first officer role."

Cassandra was surprised. "Aye, sir," she said. As much as she loved Security (which gave her a chance to bust a head now and again) holding down two forts was beginning to wear her down and, eventually, one or the other would suffer and that was unacceptable. The Admiral was usual. It was time for her to hand the reins over to Shack who was more than qualified to continue where she had left off.

Patton listened closely, observing the participants.

Barks then turned to Commander Patton. "Commander, given your experience, I am making you second officer of the ship. Do you want the position?"

Patton stood up a bit straighter.. " Yes sir, I would... and thank you, sir. "

Admiral Barks said, "It is done then." He then handed him the second officer command codes for the ship.

"Congratulations," Cassandra said to Robert and held out her hand to shake his.

" Thank you. " Robert replied as he grasped her hand.

Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Robert S. Patton
Second Officer/Chief of Diplomatic Services
USS Eclipse


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