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Downtime, his way

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 4:28pm by Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: holodeck
Timeline: backpost

OOC: A backpost for Starbase time, during refit. Gotta go to work, so something happy and fun to post before I go, lol.


After a long, hot whirpool bath, which he had fallen asleep in twice, Byrnes was now dried and dressed. But, not dressed in anything anyone would expect. He was wearing Ravager garb from the 2014 Earth film Guardians of the Galaxy. His outfit was an exact replica of Quill's duds in the opening of the film. The rocket boots and head piece were activated by the holodeck, but that was a minor part of why he did this. Also, he wore two phase pistols instead of Quill's weapons, which would also need to be holo-developed, and the point of wearing the costume was to feel as authentic as possible, even while walking to the holodeck down ship halls.

The program was something he had come up with in the Academy, and getting together with several other cadets, they had developed this training holoprogram for Shack. Two of his classmates were Science officers, computer science being their forte', so Byrnes had got them involved. Six months later he had his holoprogram, the two classmates using it as an extra project for extra credit. Though it was mainly for entertainment the professors could see the potential for actual training and the Science boys were granted LT (jg) right at graduation, with Shack receiving the same rank for all he had done in coming up with the idea, and why. Now, he had the only copy, the other locked away at the Academy as an example to others of what Starfleet can achieve with their ingenuity.

The holodecks were still operational aboard, the Ship connected to the drydock main power, so that those on skeleton crew duty could still use them for their own entertainment until they rotated out for shoreleave. Byrnes left his quarters and walked the corridors, using the lifts, winking and smiling at those he passed as they stopped to watch him walk by in what appeared to be the uniform for another military. If he was dressed like Quill, he needed to act like Quill, which really wasn't too far from the mark with his own personality. Arriving at holodeck 4, Shack brought the program drive out and put it in the slot, opening the archway and stepping inside to the black and yellow grid squares. The archway closed behind him. "Computer, begin program."

The program started, Shack now standing in the cavern Quill stood in at the beginning of the film. He smiled as he put on the wireless headphones for the fake cassette player. Pushing the play button on his walkman, the song beginning, Shack began to groove and dance as he walked, lip syncing, doing what Quill did in the film. This was a test for him, to see if he could remain completely focused and positive, even during combat. Having used this program to train as a pilot, soldier, engineer and so on, it would now be used to aid him in developing an understanding of who he really was, and how best to use it. Finishing the first run of the song, Shack went and restarted it, having always loved *Come and get your love* by Redbone. So, redoing his initial performance, he danced his way through the cavern.


After the battle in the temple Byrnes had used the rocket boots to escape, slamming onto his back in the gravel and getting to his feet after rolling ass over teakettle, giggling as he went, forgetting how much fun this program was. Pulling his phaser out while running toward his ship the Milano. Coming up over a hill of rock he spotted the Ronan soldiers near to his cockpit, so pulling the tri-grav device from his belt that he had used to abscond with the orb, he tossed it into their midst and saw them get planted to the ground from the gravity waves. Leaping and doing the hood slide into his cockpit and slamming to the deck. Sitting up quick he activated the liftoff, then got in his seat and took the controls. "Didn't expect that, did ya?" He said with a smile, talking shit to his enemies who couldn't hear him anyway, cackling the whole time. Lifting off, the controls in this fighter laid out like a Starfleet fighter, a new addition to the program, as was how this fighter maneuvered and its abilities. They matched Starfleet fighters in every way, so when he flew for fun as a Ravager, he was actually training in the use of his small craft piloting. The individual could adjust settings and use any small craft maneuverability for the program, but still fly the Ravager fighter.

Looking out the canopy and seeing the cannon set up, and the enemy aiming at him, Byrnes pulled back on the stick and adjusted his altitude with his foot pedals. The ship went from flat to pointing at the sky as it backed away quickly, the first cannon bolt missing his ship. Accelerating, the Milano tore through the atmosphere as it gained altitude, the computer reacting to his change in venue with AI precision, adding in three enemy fighters to pursue him. As they dropped from the clouds behind him at full speed to pursue, Shack slammed on the brakes, the three flying passed him in their surprise. Shack went to full engine power and chased them now, firing his phase cannons at the ship on the left first. The other two broke right and he knew they would swing around behind him. That was fine, their brethren wouldn't be joining them. Seeing cannon lock he pressed the thumb switch and his cannons rattled to life as they tore into the enemy ship, blasting it apart as he zipped by seeing debris, a fireball, and bodies tumbling to the surface. "Gotcha, dumbass! Haha!" Energy bolts zipped by over the top of his canopy, from behind, jarring him back to the other threat. "Oops, forgot about you guys."


Walking out of the holodeck, a huge smile on his face, Shack plucked his drive from the computer and put it in his Ravager jacket pocket, then headed down the hall with pep in his step. The dogfights, the combat, all of it making him feel good. Heading back to his quarters to change into civvies, Shack couldn't have been happier.


Lieutenant Sean Byrnes
Asst. CEO/ Asst. Sec Chief
USS Eclipse


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